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Growing up, those fancying the tall Wooden Watches in their living homes

The admiration for wristwatches is universal for men and women who appreciate precision timepieces crafted with care and accuracy. From stainless steel to diamond-studded wristwatches, the market is rife with classic and exciting designs, even for Wooden Wristwatches.

Growing up, those fancying the tall Wooden Watches in their living homes now make Wooden Watch purchases for wrists. So, let’s see some fantastic styling options for it!


Whether you’ve used Wooden Wristwatch for Sale Online or acquired it from a local store, correctly styling it is essential. Before you proceed, remember to correctly time your manual, automatic, or quartz wooden watch prior to leaving from home.


Wear one of your Ombre Wooden Wrist Watches South Africa made timepieces and pair it with solid but darker shades. Depending on the absence of a pattern on the watch or the dial, you can rock stripes or flannel wear. Yet, if there is a pattern, always go with solid shades.

Yet, for nighttime party events, avoid being the one with a flashy wooden watch. Wear a darker one compulsorily or wear a dark jacket.


Anything that pairs well with casuals isn’t a correct concept, and it’s usually the grounds for major mismatches. Prevent them by simply checking the type of dial you have. Choose cargo pants and Polo Tees or Turtle Neck Tees when you have a darker dial. In contrast, avoid solid colors for lighter dials and pair them with clothing that carries designs or prints.

Alternatively, when multilayer clothing is your casualwear, it’s better to go with lighter shades, even with a dark-colored wooden watch.


When you haven’t mastered dressing correctly for a corporate environment, it may seem there are little to no options for styling. Well, think again because Wooden Watches for Men and Women in Business environments can still be paired differently, without appearing casual.

Start with a crisp white shirt and get suspenders over a striped suit-pant to pair with your ombre wooden wristwatch. Bring out the colorful suits when you have a brighter wooden wristwatch without designs or patches of dark color. And always, wear darker suits with your Chrono Wooden wristwatches.

Lastly, if you’re someone who wears a tie with your suits (which people should), please contrast it with the shade of your wristwatch.

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Most Wooden Wrist Watches South Africa timepieces can complement

The top-selling factor of Wooden WristWatches is that they’re each unique from another, allowing numerous styling possibilities. Learning what satisfies your tick is vital to indulge in different styles with Wooden Watches for Men and Women.

Wooden Watches can come in a variety of shades, textures, and designs. Maintaining them well can vary based on these differences, which also dictates their vogue statement when paired with different attires. Moreover, accompanying wrist accessories with a Wooden Watch can also increase its appeal besides enhancing the personality.


The expanse of elegant and splendid Wooden WristWatches is near endless with handcrafted, sculpted designer options. So, let’s oversee how they can add to your signature style to offer allure and wondrous marvel.


After acquiring a Wooden Wrist Watch for Sale from online stores, pairing tees and jeans with them works flawlessly. Alternatively, they can also complement an attire comprised of cargo shorts, shirts & straw hats on vacations. Women can also wear them to accentuate gowns or baggy tees, otherwise with printed tees and faded/torn jeans.


A perfectly stellar option to style your wooden watch is by wearing Neutral or Bright Floral Prints. The earthly designs on fabrics blend and emphasize the naturalistic charm of precision wooden timepieces like nothing else can!

But watch out (no pun intended) for darker floral prints against lighter wood wristwatch shades. Such combinations are a no-no.


Passionate wristwatch owners or environmentalists can obtain an assortment of fancy pieces of Wooden Wristwatch for Sale Online. Such collections are specially designed for those who follow sustainable living values. So, pairing pastel shades with them would ornate your wrists all too well.

Professional Gears or Uniforms

Unless you’re a firefighter, wearing wooden wrist watches can pair well with your professional dress code without missing the mark. Just be conscious regarding the dials you pick, as they shouldn’t be too wild or overly contrasting. Something subtle always sits well within every and any premise.

Prestigious Wooden Watch Style Accessories

Wearing a reputable Wooden Watch built by signature timekeepers is also possible for people preferring the upper echelon retail goods. At the same time, again, no pun intended; pairing them with eccentric or traditional wristwear can multiply their aesthetic influence.

Bracelets & Jewelry

Most Wooden Wrist Watches South Africa timepieces can complement a variety of materials like leather, cotton, metals, wool, etc. So, from thick leather bracelets to shiny pearls, wooden watches can conveniently contribute towards enticing style combinations.

wooden watches
Wooden watches are sustainable and versatile

wooden watch is one of the most trendy accessories that incorporates style and elegance into the design. You can also find wooden straps. Additionally, the internal watch mechanism is much the same as a traditional watch.

Wooden watches are sustainable and versatile. The natural wood grain is why these wooden wristwatches have a beautiful starting point, and a skilled watchmaker can craft a timepiece for ages.

Additionally, these wooden watches for men and women have loads of benefits. These wooden wristwatches can define class and sophistication. No wonder why they are a no-brainer when choosing a gift for your special ones.

If you are still unsure about these watches, here are some of the benefits of a wooden watch:


One of the most significant benefits of wooden watches is that they are more sustainable than metal watches. That’s because wood watches use less energy to make compared to metal watches. Also, wood is a renewable resource, whereas metals are not. In 50 years, some metal supplies will likely be exhausted.

Insensitive to heat

These wooden watches are sustainable against temperature changes due to their heat-insensitive design. On the other hand, commonly used watches made from metal are heat sensitive and can become hot at higher temperature ranges.

Additionally, the leather bands get expanded or get shrunk with variable moisture levels. However, that is not the case with wooden bands, as they are stylish and resistant to water and heat.


Due to sensitive skin, many people cannot wear metal watches. When it comes to wooden wristwatches, you need not worry about this problem.

These wooden watches for men and women are made from a natural material. Wooden wrist watches in South Africa use a warmer material to make these watches and do not get hot like metal does.


Even though they are unique and attractive, you can find a wooden wristwatch for sale online. This makes them very affordable accessories to own and a gift for someone. You can easily find a wooden wristwatch for sale and buy wooden watches for women and men for under $100.


If you want to let people know your elegance or wish to own a pretty stylish thing of beauty, then a wood watch is for you. Express your individuality and plushness by wearing a naturally unique original grain timepiece.

wooden watches
Wearing a Handcrafted Wooden Watch Adds to Their Lifestyle.

Style enthusiasts of today are conscious about their investment & the environment. They value timekeeping and understand the scarcity of resources, so wearing a handcrafted wooden watch adds to their lifestyle.

The current makers of the Wooden Watches are also increasing, creating a competitive market for consumers. The primary reasons why we presently see such accelerated growth is uniqueness and responsibility. Everyone wants to appear different, and everyone wants to sustain the environment.

Leaning onto such reason, the wooden watch industry further created masterful timepieces that can suit men & women.


Selling anything is best done online in order for it to reach maximum people. Thus, finding a Wooden Wrist watch for Sale online could easily provide you with good deals on fine timepieces. Here’s what you should be familiar with when looking for your first set of Wooden WristWatches to own:

  • Type of Wood
  • Refinement
  • Movement


Among the different Wooden Wristwatch for Sale Online that you may find, pay attention to their make in terms of wood. Yes, the wood used will naturally diversify the appearance and texture of your wooden wristwatch.

Anything made from other than Oak, Mahogany, Pine, Ebony, Walnut and Sandalwood should not be bought, even when it comes diamond-studded.


Crafting a Wooden Watch can be mighty difficult, especially on its base. Though excellent woodwork carving artists can fix some chinks for you, a masterful artist will take care of all the refinement. See if your wooden watch is correctly moulded and retained against the agents of nature and errors of mankind.


typically exquisite Wooden Watch, made for either men or women, offers quartz movement or the Japanese Miyota movement. So if you read a watch offering anything other than this, run. Sure, the market is indeed little in terms of offered movement for wooden wrist watches. But, it makes up for it with the vivid designs and contrasting colour tones.


Be it a Wooden Wrist Watches South Africa retailer or a known Wooden Watch seller, avoid these purchase pitfalls:

  • How light is too light?

Anything that makes you forget you’re wearing a watch is too light.

  • Pseudonymous Retailers

No, Samuel Colt was a gunmaker. They certainly don’t make Wooden Watches, at least in the current universe.

  • In the Woods

There are plenty of watches made up of synthetic wood to offer them an ostentatious appearance. As unnatural as they are, it’s anybody’s guess how good they can be, even individual pieces apart.