Plastic Bags Manufacturer
Tips to Buy Wholesale Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can be used for a variety of purposes. Due to this demand, companies are able to provide a wide range of plastic bags in various shapes, sizes and models as per the requirements of that particular industry. Even the smallest department stores have given up on the paper bags in favor of the more durable, long lasting and cheaper plastic shopping or carry bags.

Manufacturing these plastic bags in wholesale is currently a booming industry. Plastic bags with company, manufacturer or shop logo provides good and cheap advertisement at very little extra cost. It ensures the customer remembers the product or the shop every time the plastic bag is viewed. This is kind of like a harmless brainwash to customers regarding various products or shops containing these items.

Almost all kinds of plastic bags can be bought either in retail or wholesale. As with other wholesale products, wholesale plastic bags also are cost effective when compared to those bought in retail.

Some manufacturers cater to needs of specific industries such as the food packaging industry, chemical industry, hospitals, and the garment industry. Such manufacturers can concentrate on specific sizes and shapes instead of experimenting with the whole lot. Also, industries on a smaller scale cater to daily use plastic bags such as garbage bagsnewspaper bags, and litterbags. Special bags for airplanes such as the airsick bags are usually bought by the airplane industries in wholesale.

One easy way to place a wholesale order of plastic bags is through the World Wide Web. Many companies even take in customized orders directly through the Internet. The customer needs to select the colors and sizes and fax or upload the company logo to place the order on the Internet. This makes placing the order relatively simple and is time saving. The prices would also vary and it would pay to shop around before placing the order with a company through the Internet.

Plastic Bags Manufacturer
Shopping Bag Printing on Plastic Bags

Personalized shopping bags custom printed on biodegradable plastic polythene material.

Printed plastic bags are great for branding and promoting business services. With a printed logo and message, the plastic bags will be a walking billboard for your brand. Ideal for exhibition events, retail and open days.

Manufactured from biodegradable polythene material with punched out handles. The film is lightweight, yet strong and water-resistant. Popular sizes include small 10″x12″x3″, medium 10″x16″x3″, large 15″x18″x3″ and larger 22″x18″x3″ bag sizes.

Plastic Shopping Bags Printing from Cheap as Prints

Plastic shopping bags is a universal product that is suitable for any retail businesses. It is practical and offers a great way to enhance branding on plastic bags. Your logo and promo messages will be seen by thousands of people at events or in your store. The shopping bags are also likely to be retained and re-used well after its intended purpose.

Our punch handle carrier bags are made from a strong variguage film. The thickness of this film gradually increases at the top allowing it take more weight for heavier items. The style and personalization of these plastic bags makes it very popular with retailers and event organizers.

South Africa’s Leading Supplier for Custom Printed Plastic Bags!

We have a wide range of plastic bags in many colors and styles to suit all budgets. You can choose to have your artwork printed to one or both sides in one or more colors. We use state of the art poly-tech printers to ensure excellent color depth and print quality.

Order your plastic shopping bags online! All our prices include FREE origination! Feel free to contact us for more information on the suitability of the bags for your campaign. You can email sales at or call 0118730560.

Our team are always eager to help!

wooden sunglasses wooden watches

Today’s changing values makes eco-friendly products emerge as prominent. Natural, respectful to ethnical being yet behavior products are preferred for most about us. toughness Like lousy vegan products, handmade wood watches are preferred alternatively over products who are harmful after makeup then disrespectful in imitation of animals.

Of course, wight a vegan production cannot keep ample in accordance with edit that best one. Do you know where kind on capabilities a best wood crop plants clock should has? We hold listed for you top 5 applications then discipline to remain cautious about them. Let’s parley them!


There is no misgiving as certain over foremost aspects concerning a timepiece is glass. At preceding glance, you wish parley it. toughness Sapphire crystal takes location between the market so almost perdurable then gorgeous choice. Thanks after its scratch-proof feature, you perform readily wear thy watch. No want to issue postulate it is cleft and broken! In contrast in conformity with humor glass, such is truely strong to injury a sapphire crystal. There be able remain a question approach after mind. “ Is sapphire clear cost extra cost ? ” From this point concerning argue our report would lie exactly: Yes, it is worth!


Another important component because of a excellent timepiece is mechanism. There are iii main sorts namely automatic movement, mechanical movement then quartz movement. Using certain on to them by the fashion over the hour is possible. A dependable mechanism company gives a high rigor yet additionally hold long life-time. As Svenn, we propose Ronda mechanisms which is a global acknowledged Swiss brand.


If ye are looking for a production who is done regarding wooden, desire grow to be an vital feature. 100% herbal actual timber cloth keep warmness dealt with to edit such hard enough. Do not overlook after take a look at you hour made of tempered wood!


Do you understand to that amount wood fruit watches are customizable? You be able edit you production special along receiving capabilities of print service. Today, such is viable too including you own handwriting. As Svenn, we suggest so much using personalization opportunities to accumulate a feature, as is exclusive after solely you, according to you timepiece.


Are ye assured so the product ye are planning to purchase is compatible together with patron security regulations? If ye are not sure, thou must stand cautious concerning this point. A hour may comprise some breakneck chemical substances kind of nickel, cadmium, lead, azo dyes, chromium VI, PAH. stability Compatibility together with Reach decree do lie a honest factor to test this. If the product thou wish buy is tested then certified through the Annex XVII restrictions of REACH regulations, ye are of safe.


As Svenn, we hold three suggestions for you. They entire have pinnacle 5 functions over auspicious wood watches. Let’s take a look!


A strong desire because eco-friendly men! Made out of Ebony, that handsome timepiece execute differ into shade out of fuscous in imitation of darkish brown. Black hour symptoms barely fitting concerning darkish gray dial. With its pink second hand, it elegant model wish stay thy go-to watch. The beautifully-crafted case measures 41mm within diameter erection that a sportive alternative for thine wrist. See its accomplishment purposes below!

Key Features

Scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal Glass
Swiss Mechanism – Ronda 1069
%100 Natural Tempered Ebony Wood
Compatible along Reach Regulations
Engraving Options


Night Blue Wood Watch out of Romeo Series will remain a sizeable choice because navy-blue lovers! Its darkish blue dial including its silver hour warning signs suits altogether properly together with dark black shade of dark sandalwood. 41mm diameter case is an finest rate because you wrist. Its cutting-edge layout is not the solely reason going because it, that pinnacle wood clock additionally purposes including outstanding components. Let’s recommend its accomplishment features!

Key Features

Scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal Glass
Swiss Mechanism – Ronda 1069
%100 Natural Tempered Dark Sandalwood
Compatible including Reach Regulations
Engraving Options


Doubtlessly, wristwatch is the near important piece of gent’s wardrobe. Dark Brown wooden watch choice be a must-have piece between cloth wardrobe about a men whoever likes minimalist style. This model has 45mm case or its dark black dial is clear including fingers markings yet Roman numerals at 6 or 12 o’clock. This horologe pairs excessive attribute then naturalism. Let’s seem to be at the accomplishment feature!

Key Features

Scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal Glass
Swiss Mechanism – Ronda 1069
%100 Natural Tempered Dark Sandalwood
Compatible along Reach Regulations
Engraving Options

wooden sunglasses wooden watches
Unique Gifts of Engraved Wooden Watches

engraved wooden watches

Choosing a present is a very difficult yet important task. The choice gift is anticipated in imitation of edit the man or woman sense special. Ordinary gifts functionate not perform the person happy, or she is forgotten in a quick time, while special gifts are remembered for a lifetime. It is no longer amazing to that amount we all want after locate unique gifts. That’s precisely by what means it would stand a excellent alternative in imitation of use engraving options. You may draw you extraordinary word concerning lawsuit backs on wood watches by similar three altogether simple steps. Write thine observe concerning paper, receive a photo, or assign such thru product page.


wooden engraved watches not solely protects you clock but additionally perform remain absolutely nice accessory regarding your drawer. Would it no longer lie absolutely first-rate to fulfill such more beautiful and significant with a distinct note? Today, it is possible in accordance with petition stamp choices about timber horologe box. You execute customise thy hour box namely thou wish. Or ye be able usage this alternative after perform you gift extra meaningful.

engraved wooden watches


Gifts are the products purchased according to redact a loved, treasured individual bright yet in accordance with portion a frequent memory. A customized gift, of the vile hand, is a uncommon or one-of-a-kind shape regarding the present to that amount is designed especially because solely certain individual person, just kind of a fingerprint. There is no misgiving to that amount it exceptional presents additionally exhibit the value we deliver to our cherished ones. You may opt for in conformity with Gather a special which means according to the gift which thou are planning in imitation of commend you mate gratefulness after stamp options. You execute accomplish you spouse bright by means of award an engraved wood watches regarding unique days certain as much birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and save between unique memories over these days.


What slave you assume makes your sweetheart one-of-a-kind or distinctive from other people? I be able clearly wager thine answer already: “Because I amour him & her. That’s by what means my lady friend or boyfriend is extraordinary yet special from everybody else.” This will probably stand the just vital component according to say! In fact, the emotion we name love, a sense unseen of you inner world yet up to expectation only thou be able know? So how many pleasure you favorite be aware of as regards this extraordinary feeling? How perform you perform the love you experience because of thine favourite sense better? At that point, the amour behaviors we call proposal appear between play! How work we express our love? Sometimes we exhibit our amour with a smile, once in a while along a warm kiss about the cheek, on occasion with a tremendous squeeze and occasionally including a significant look. Another astonishing way on expressing fancy is according to deliver a present because of you lover. But then we address gifts, we do now not low ordinary gifts. Romantic items because of you lover, complete about significant or surprises, so much scent like love, to that amount wish make your lover experience exceedingly special! Exactly like a gorgeous engraved wood watch.


Did you be aware of so the traditional gift because of the 5th anniversary, one on the near vital anniversaries on marriage, is wood? Undoubtedly, that is a necessary date invaluable on a exclusive celebration. A wooden present wish remain an important symbol, displaying to that amount the kindred has turn out to be stronger, warmer. You faced including dense difficulties and at the same age try after protect love, preserve household warmth. Now is the era in conformity with enjoy!!! Wouldn’t it stand fine in conformity with gift your spouse yet master a superb wood engraved wristwatch to that amount will swimsuit today at all well?


You are respecting according to go away in the back of another yr since ye met your lover. To You Lovers, Huge congratulations because getting through a giant year of LOVE, who was from time to time lovely or from time to time difficult… Therefore, it photograph over delight is the result about thy love. We are sure to that amount you are dodge after edit amazing surprises because you favorite on your annual to take note the past 12 months of the best road yet according to welcome thine subsequent modern year including happiness! For that reason, you have already commenced to enquire for the superior anniversary gifts! As nicely as much selecting a romantic present because your lover, it may additionally perform thine annual vivid including lovely words to that amount wish redact thine present meaningful. If thou are searching because of imaginative words after compose romantic present notes over thy gift, you are between the correct place. Because Svenn presents dead quality timber timekeeper collections because of guys & because of female and stamp service. Thanks after engraving application, ye can compose thine exceptional be aware over law again over horologe yet show your emotions according to your lover into the good path of you anniversary

Educational Institute South Africa Learning Programs skills developments

SAQA ID 102161, NQF Level 5, 445 CREDITS

This occupational qualification provides an opportunity for the learner to acquire a range of administrative skills to coordinate the activities of an office including information management and operational processes.

Qualified learners will be competent to support management with office and information administration demonstrating a range of administrative and communication skills. They will be able to function in Human Resource, Marketing, Public Relations or Financial departments/unit which will enable them to accomplish tasks professionally and efficiently in the increasingly computerised environment of a business office in accordance with national and international standards in the field. The learner will also understand cultural diversity, multicultural communication and the principles of a professional image and grooming to promote the image of the organisation.

The occupational qualification is to equip students with the broad based knowledge and skills to be able to be employed in a small business or a large corporation, public or private and advance their personal and career management skills to enhance their employability.

Qualified learners will be competent to support executive management with:

  • Office Administration and record management.
  • Communication skills.
  • Multicultural customer and client relational skills.
  • Resource/facilities management.
  • Tender administration.
  • Skills development administration.
  • PR and advocacy and social and digital media.
  • Computerised project management skills.
  • Staffing and people support administration.
  • Fundamental life and work skills.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Manage resources according to good governance policies and procedures to facilitate the smooth and effective operational activities within the organisation.
  • Manage, coordinate and assist in the administration and clerical support of the specific departments to facilitate the smooth running thereof by using computerised systems and practices.
  • Assist in selection process, induction, employee wellness and skills development of employees.
  • Process given data to complete a Workplace Skills Plan.
  • Assist in the administrative function of the marketing, public relations and advocacy of the organisation.
  • Communicate effectively using appropriate methods to maintain effective customer relationships according to organisational standards customer service of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Plan, administer and provide support services to a special project within an organisation.

Entry Requirements

Level 4 Mathematical Literacy and Communication.

Office Administrator Job Prospects

  • Administration Officer (Local Government).
  • Business Administration Officer (Local Government).
  • Office Supervisor.
  • Office Coordinator.
  • Administration Clerk/Officer.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Client Services Administrator.
  • Operation Services/Support Officer.
  • Planning Support Officer/Site Clerk.
  • Tender Coordinator.

Job prospects in Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations or Financial departments/units.

After completion of this qualification, you can further studies in

  • National Diploma: Office Management and Technology, Level 6.
  • Diploma: Office Management and Technology, Level 6.
  • Diploma in Office Management, Level 6.
  • Diploma: Office Administration, Level 6.

 Duration of Early Childhood Development Practitioners

Full Time–Two Years including Work Experience

Part Time–Four Years including Work Experience

Structure of the Office AdministratorQualification

This Occupational Certificate has three compulsory modules which are Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience Modules.

Knowledge Modules

132 Credits

Practical Skill Modules

155 Credits

Work Experience Modules

158 Credits

·      Effective office administration and management, 10 Credits.

·      Business communication and customer services, 8 Credits.

·      Office protocol, deportment and etiquette, 8 Credits.

·      Apply End User Computing, 6 Credits.

·      Social media and digital literacy,5 Credits.

·      Introductory project management, 2 Credits.

·      Computerised Project Management, 15 Credits.

·      Basic business calculations, 5 Credits.

·      Resource and procurement management, 15 Credits.

·      Tender and procurement processes, and procedures, 5 Credits.

·      Document management and record keeping, 15 Credits.

·      Staffing, and people support, 15 Credits.

·      Principles of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in relation to Skills development and Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) administration, 12 Credits.

·      Public relations, marketing and advocacy, 6 Credits.

·      Ready for work standards, 5 Credits.

·      Project Stakeholder Management, 8 Credits.

· Communication and effective customer relationships, 10 Credits.

· Manage, coordinate and assist in the administration and clerical support of resources to facilitate the smooth and effective operational activities within the organisation, 15 Credits.

· Assist in the administration and preparation of the process of tendering of contracts, 15 Credits.

· Manage meetings,15 Credits.

· Payroll processing and pay administration, 15 Credits.

· Support the recruitment, selection, and induction of staff,15 Credits.

· Classify, identify, register, track and dispose of records and information, 15 Credits.

· Assist in the administration and preparation of the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP),15 Credits.

· Provide administrative support to Marketing/Public Relations division, 20 Credits.

· Prepare, install and dismantle exhibition elements, 10 Credits.

· Manage a small project, Credits 10.

· Perform administrative and meeting support functions to support management,12 Credits.

· Handle customer and client’s queries and liaison in an office, 8 Credits.

· Marketing/Public Relations and administrative support,25 Credits.

· Assist in planning and coordinating at least two special events/conferences, 20 Credits.

· Procure and allocate resources,15 Credits.

· Solicit tender offers in terms of a set of procedures, 10 Credits.

· Manage a paperless office, 20 Credits.

· Supervision, and training of administration staff,15 Credits.

· Assist in developing a Workplace Skills Plan according to employee training needs, 8 Credits.

· Apply ready for work standards to everyday work activities, 25 Credits.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL for access to the external integrated summative assessment: Petra Institute of Development and approved workplaces may assist learners who have previous experience to be assessed against the different assessment criteria for the qualification as specified in the related curriculum document to establish and confirm prior learning. Petra Institute of Development and workplaces must confirm prior learning by issuing a statement of result or certifying a work experience record.


This qualification requires Integrated Assessment as follows:
Integrated Formative Assessment
Petra Institute of Development will use the curriculum as provided by QCTO to guide learners on the stipulated internal assessment criteria and weighting. Petra Institute of Development will also apply the scope of practical skills and applied knowledge as stipulated by the internal assessment criteria. This formative assessment leads to entrance into the integrated external summative assessment.Our Portfolio of Evidence will be submitted within one month of completion of contact learning.

Integrated Summative Assessment
An external integrated summative assessment, conducted through the relevant Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) Assessment Quality Partner is required for the issuing of this qualification. The external integrated summative assessment will focus on the Exit Level Outcomes and Associated Assessment Criteria.