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Imagine for a moment that there are no clocks around you. You don’t have a wrist watch, a desk clock, or a wall clock. You wouldn’t know when it’s bedtime, work time or school time, right? Now let’s go back many, many years ago. How did people measure time before they invented the clocks we use today?

People in prehistoric times divided time into only two parts: day and night. Then they noticed that the shadow lengths of the objects changed during the day. Realizing this, they tried to measure time by tracking the shadow length and direction of a stick they had stuck in the ground. These were the first examples of sundials.

The ancient Egyptians developed sundials and were able to measure time more precisely. The Chinese, Romans, and Greeks also developed different sundials and used them.

Sundials usually consisted of a circular stone and a pointing stick in the middle. There were numbers and symbols showing the time on the stone. They determined the time according to which numbers and symbols the shadow of the pointing stick corresponded to. However, sundials could not be used at night and on cloudy days.

People have developed different clocks throughout history: water clock, sandglass and candle clock … Previously, water clocks consisted of a large vessel. These vessels, which had markings on the inner surface, were filled with water. The water was slowly pouring out through a small hole in the bottom of the bowl. As the water level in the vessel decreased, people could tell how much time had passed. Water clocks that worked in other ways were also made. However, very precise measurements could not be made with water clocks.

The working principle of candle clocks was similar to that of water clocks. A very long candle marked at regular intervals was used to measure time. After this candle was lit, it slowly melted. You could tell how much time had passed by looking at the markings on the candle. There were also different kinds of candle clocks.

Hourglasses also known as sandglasses consisted of a two-section glass chamber. There was some fine sand in this chamber. This sand always flowed from the upper chamber to the lower chamber in the same time. The hourglass was turned upside down when it was desired to be used again. Thus, the sand would start flowing back towards the lower chamber. But hourglasses could only measure certain time zones.

None of these clock types, which were used until the 1300s, showed the exact time. In these years, the first mechanical watches began to be made. These clocks, without hour and minute hands, were unlike those of today and were very large. These were making sounds at certain time intervals. For example, the gong or bell would ring to announce the time. These clocks could lose time, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for hours. It could even be that it stopped on its own. In such cases, they were readjusted by looking at the sundial. Later, pendulum clocks were found. At this time, there were also the hour and minute hands. Over time, clocks have become smaller. In the 1500s, clocks began to be made in sizes that could be carried. Now watches were produced that could fit even in the pockets of clothes. The watches that are constantly renewed and developed that can be worn on the wrist were made in the 1800s.

Beginning in the 1900s, other types of clocks entered our lives. Battery-powered quartz watches and atomic clocks, which can measure time with little error, are two of them. Who knows, how will the tools we use to measure time change with the developing technology?

wooden sunglasses wooden watches

If you deciding  to buy a wood watch; then one of the most important questions in your mind appears should be the watch is waterproof. Now, we will answer this question. Resistance against depth is measured as bar which is also atmospheric pressure unit, this is called as ATM. Resistance of Bamboo Watches for Women is 3 ATM. Bamboo Watch for men are water proof, you can wash your hands with your wooden watch, go out fishing and also you may walk at rainy weather.

When the words wooden watch and waterproofness come together, it is suspected that the nature of the wood may be a problem in contact with water. “I can walk with my wooden wristwatch in the rain” or “Do I have to remove my wooden wristwatch while washing my hands?” But don’t be afraid, if it were so, we could not have gained a place in the market with our fashion watches which have been very popular and fashionable recently ? As Bobo Bird Wooden Watches, we take some precautions to minimize sensitivity of wooden in case of contact with water. During and after production, special heat treatment process is applied to wood parts of our watches and humidity possibility is prevented. If we have not taken these precautions, you would have been right about suspecting.


50 meters mark does not mean that you can use the watch diving to a depth 50 meters. The ATM standards refer to just static pressure on your watch. The watch which is suitable for swimming and diving is marked as 200M-1000M, it means that you can use the watch underwater.

Water resistance unit is named as ATM or Meters; this means that the watch has been tested under laboratory conditions and passed the tests for a short time period and only at the specific depth. During usage the actual water pressure is greater than the static pressure. So, buying a tested and approved waterproof wooden watch is important for sustainability and user satisfaction.

Waterproof wooden watch


To improve water resistance feature of wood, tempering operations are applied to all of wooden parts during production process. Another protective action is Tung oil application as final production process to make the wood more resistant against water. These operations decreases humidity sensitivity on wood and these production methods have been applied on all Bamboo Wooden Watches. In this way, water splash on the watch does not create any problem. When the wooden watch is used considering these conditions, it will have a long-lasting structure. It should be noted that wood has a natural structure. We would like to emphasize that WoodishSA established in 2018 and did not receive any customer complaint about waterproofing within this time period??

When you wear a WoodishSA‘s wood watch, you may wash your hands confidently and without concern about water damage thanks to waterproof wood watches for men and women.

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Educational Institute South Africa Learning Programs short courses in South Africa
Leadership skills development should continue all year

Training leadership staff is an essential activity and responsibility for any employer. When leadership staff oversee the productivity, safety, and well-being of employees, the question of what they should know in order to be successful is of paramount concern. The risks are very high when leadership staff are not effectively trained to deal with a host of communication and process issues on the job.

Luckily, training leaders with PowerPoint programs, DVDs, Flash, online web courses, and the like is not difficult and it is not expensive. You do not need to send your leadership staff to expensive off-site learning programs or bring in trainers that demand “off-the-chart” high fees.

A PowerPoint (PPT) program can be produced and a movie can be made from it in mere hours. Online training is particularly valuable and carries with it the distinct advantage of allowing learners to earn a certification in completed training. If you need “documented” training, consider an online search for “online web course training for supervisors”. You will find a host of options.

Good instruction in leadership training includes questions and answers, role playing scenarios, and the clearing up of myths and misconceptions about leadership and the interface between employees, the organization, and top management. Be sure questions and answer checks in your new leadership training courses online so managers on your leadership team get immediate feedback.

When conducting Leadership Training Programs with PowerPoint, DVD, or online formats here is the outline you want to follow:

1. Observing performance
2. Documenting performance
3. Constructive confrontation
4. Evaluating performance
5. Resolving coworker conflicts
6. Giving feedback
7. Delegating and following up
8. Dispensing discipline
9. Inspiring and praising employees
10. Building your team
11. Communicating with upper management
12. Investigating complaints
13. Managing unfit for duty employees
14. Preventing violence

There are certainly more leadership skills for managers than exist here, but these will reduce your behavioral risk and supervisory missteps in the management of troubled employees more than any other topics.

Leadership skills development should continue all year. One way of helping leadership teams remain focused on solving problems is to give them a monthly newsletter. Again, try surfing for “monthly supervisor newsletter”. You will find options for your team. The best type of supervisor newsletter parallels your training in its format. It delivers short, sweet, practical content. A Petra Institute of Development is a good choice where the leadership staffer reads a problem and the answer from an expert.

Educational Institute South Africa Learning Programs short courses in South Africa skills developments
This learning program will provide teachers a list of options for skill development

Professional skill development has come along way in that past several years and now school districts are taking things a step further by creating online and hybrid professional capacity development qualifications. There are now a number of different learning programs that are being implemented by schools all over the country and they have been quite successful so far. Besides, if technology is being used more and more by students, it only makes sense that educators are given the same opportunity with their education.

Professional skill development programs save schools money by not having to hire substitute teachers or paying for traveling or material expenses; however, teachers are welcoming these learning programs because they allow them to take their courses at times that are easiest for them, and allowing them to take away more information because they are in the right mind-set to learn the material. This means that teachers are able to turn right around and incorporate the material into their lesson plans the next day.

Colleges for education are also jumping on the bandwagon and creating a number of learning or hybrid professional development courses for educators. They saw a growing demand and agreed that non-degree learning programs would make more sense than conducting the courses person, partly because of the very nature of how educational institute are now being structured.

“We’re an academic program. We’re not designed for customized [face-to-face] workshops in any way,” said Anele Ncube, a professor of educational development at Petra Institute of Development in Pretoria.

Anele and her teammates recently began an online skills development program in April 2022. The learning program is designed to provide educators and administrators access to three-week instructor-led online workshops that cover courses such as merging technology into the classroom. Anele said that the learning program will also be expanded to provide teachers workshops dealing with common-core standards for the state of Gauteng.

Petra Institute has also created their own version of online skill development for teachers. In 2022, the education center joined forces with the state department of education and produced the IDEAL program, which stands for Integrated Data to Enhance Pretoria Learning. The program offers short courses to develop teachers’ instructional skills in areas such as language arts, math, science, technology integration, classroom management, and English as a second language. Courses are usually over a span of six to eight weeks.

“We’ve known for a long time that the best professional development is job-embedded and sustainable within instructors’ own time, and able to be accessed by individuals as well,” said Anele, the associate director of Petra Institute.

Aside from local colleges of education, school districts are hosting their own version of professional development. The executive director of instruction, technology, and assessment for the Petra Institute is turning to the online world to enhance capacity development experiences for his educators through hybrid programs.

Another skill development program that is making waves is Channel One, which has recently partnered with Petra Institute.

This learning program will provide teachers a list of options for skill development that will highlight a “skill of the day,” such as incorporating various online tools such as Google Docs into lessons or creating digital assessments. All the tutorials will be kept online so that an educator can take a look back and review the material.

“So many teachers come back from a traditional skill-development session, and they remember only a very small portion, only what they were ready to get and grasp.

So with the ever-growing demand for professional skill development, it looks like we will be seeing more companies like Petra Institute offer programs for schools. Hopefully, this new way of professional development programs will give teachers the flexibility they are looking for and give them resources to improve their techniques in the classroom.

Lost Love Spells
Affection and marriage spells is to apprehend what type of spell you want

If the spell caster jumps the gun and solid effective marriage spells without due session with better authorities, the spell/ritual ought to backfire and neither the caster nor the consumer may be spared the wrath of the dark forces.

Marriage love spells

How to cast effective marriage thought spells?

To solid such spells, rituals need to be performed through the spell caster. And they will require certain materials together with nail clippings, hair, and other non-public items belonging to the goal.

In some instances, blood may be required however voodoo magic spells at this level aren’t secure for newbie spell casters or folks that don’t understand jack about black magic to make someone marry you.

How to cast an clean marriage spell that works?

Without a 2d’s hesitation, the solution is sure, marriage spells casting. However, the probabilities of casting marriage spells that work speedy are depending on who’s casting the spell and whether you accompanied each guidance given by using the spell caster.

If you have got all of the objects we noted earlier (the nail clippings and hair), other items include images of both of you and 17 candles. While you’re at it, two out of the candles have to be wedding ceremony candles and a 3rd one, a white non-wax candle.

If you’ve got all of those materials prepared, you could start by way of making a doll out of every of the candles — use 7 candles in keeping with doll. When you’re completed making the dolls, positioned your hair or nail cropping into one of the dolls and that of the target within the different.

Now, get dressed the dolls up in wedding attire, it would not ought to be the best wedding dress or wedding healthy — faucet into your creative aspect and make some thing best for the dolls. Instead of the entire pics, you could cut off the faces from the images and stick them to the dolls.

If you have got followed each step we have defined to date, you ought to have dolls along with your faces on each of them. Make a mini altar and region a cup of water on top of a stone with the dolls status close to the cups. Then vicinity the marriage candles from earlier at the side of the dolls and the white candle on the toes of the dolls. And you are accomplished.

Here is how you carry out the ritual

After putting in place your altar, you may now proceed to the rituals. You will start through pouring bloodless spring water into the cups for your altar and light the wedding candles.

While lighting fixtures the candles, repeat the subsequent for every candle “two loving hearts (mention your name and that of your goal/companion) have become married and will be united in marriage. May your choice to marry me flare up as like these wedding ceremony candles. Amen”

Wait for a while until the marriage candles have burned midway.

“The flame of one candle has united and interlaced destinies/fates. Now henceforth (point out your call) and (point out your accomplice’s call) will continue to be united and leave together as one family. Amen”

There are several other clean marriage spells you solid. However, to be on the more secure aspect by using allowing a seasoned spell caster like Spellcaster Maxim to guide you.


Tip on casing marriage spells that truly work

Marriage isn’t always some thing you rush into. You must be sure about your decision and be geared up to head all the way.

Likewise, casting marriage commitment spells calls for the steering and supervision of a official marriage spell caster like Spellcaster Mama Ashanti. To make the maximum of spells for a wedding inspiration, right here are some pointers you ought to have in your checklist.

Ensure which you make the right desire of spell

The first step in making the proper choice of affection and marriage spells is to apprehend what type of spell you want and what you intend to accomplish with the spell.

In addition to understanding your spell, you furthermore might need to understand the character you want to cast the spell on. You need to have as a lot facts as possible approximately your goal. That manner, you could symbolize your item and forged powerful magic spells that paintings.