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Is it actually possible to have eco-friendly plastic bags?

Gifting your customers printed plastic bags will go a long way when it comes to your brand’s reputation. For maximum effect, our team of talented and experienced designers will help you bring your vision to life. And you should know, the plastic carrier bags you get with us are not your regular printed bags. With these bags, your brand image will be clearly displayed in combination with the colour and design of your choice. It’s the perfect solution to impress your clients!

No matter what type of business you own, our team will assist you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the best possible results. Whether it’s a local bookstore, retail outlet or a family-run restaurant where people feel at home, we can find a solution for your marketing needs. We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs of plastic bags, so you can certainly find something that matches your image.


Another advantage of giving your clients promotional carrier bags is their reusability. Chances are your clients will carry them time and time again. That makes them a powerful marketing tool for increasing brand recognition.

Of course, the most important thing when owning a business is offering your customers a high-quality product or a service. However, going the extra mile by giving them thoughtful gifts will truly make you stand out from the competition.

Eco-friendly plastic carrier bags

Is it actually possible to have eco-friendly plastic bags?

Our printed plastic bags are made from bio polythene, which means they will begin to decompose after being exposed to the sun. As we mentioned, they are strong and durable and your customers will be able to enjoy them for a long time. But when they come to the end of their lifespan, your clients won’t have to worry about having a negative impact on the environment. They can safely dispose of the bag along with their compost, and the bag will be turned into fertilizer for plants. Not bad for a plastic bag!

Extensive printing and branding options

To help you find a promo product that perfectly captures your business essence, we offer two bag styles. Whichever one you decide to go for, however, you’re getting the best print quality. The two options you have are:

plastic bags in pretoria 2022

Punched handle plastic bags

A favorite among our retail clients, these custom plastic bags’ design makes them easy to carry wherever you go. It’s perfect for a grocery store run or when you don’t feel like carrying the extra sweater in your hands.

Patch handle plastic bags

If you’re looking for a plastic bag that will handle even heavier items, consider upgrading to patch handle plastic bags. These bags have an additional layer around the handle area, which makes them safe for anything your clients decide to carry in them.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which option is better for your business. When you get in touch with us, we will work with you through the entire process. Our team will help you choose the right style, size, and colour. What’s more, if you need it, our designer can help you come up with a design for your bags from scratch. Plastic bags with your logo on them are a powerful addition to your promotional line-up, so you need to make the most of them. And given our experience and previous results, there is no better team to help you promote your business!

Buy your promotional carrier plastic bags today!

We have literally thousands of printed plastic bags to choose from in many colours and styles priced to meet all budgets. With such a great choice on offer, fast turnarounds and guaranteed low prices, there is little wonder why we are the market leaders! Take a look at our full range of promotional plastic bags including, tote bags, shopper bags, cotton bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, jute bags and much more!!

For additional information on our collection of promotional plastic bags and to receive a fast quotation, give a member of our experienced team a call on 0118730560 or email us for further details at

We manufacture our range using premium quality raw material. Available in variegated specifications, our range can be customized according to the specifications of the clients.

We bring you an extensive variety of Plastic Side Seal Bags. These bags are made of multi-layer film. The are designed according to the specifications of the customers. These plastic bags come with in side seal, lip seal re-enforced handle and plastic handle bags.

Educational Institute South Africa Learning Programs short courses in South Africa skills developments
A Wide Array about Short Term Training Courses in imitation of Choose from

Short Courses & Training Institute PretoriaSANowadays, thou may practically learning some subject under the solar because at that place is a vast organize on short term courses as are available. You can too smoke thine pick out of enrolling among an on line type then a bodily classroom. Naturally, you should choose the environment which workshop excellent because of therefore as it execute make the most abroad over your study opportunity.

But salvo your intention is according to expand or enhance you walks of life opportunities, how function you decide which training courses in conformity with take? Basically, it entire depends on where you short-term yet long-term goals are.

Read over after locate abroad precisely how much you perform pick out a training course as pleasure assist essay thou up the company ladder then widen thine horizons as a work professional.

A Wide Array about Short Term Training Courses in imitation of Choose from

The excellent way according to recognize the respect regarding acceptance coaching courses in imitation of improve thy vocation is by means of learning as these single courses are.

Take a seem at the consonant work-related education publications so much you execute take, as will hold a vast have an impact on about thine lifestyles as a professional:

1. Assertiveness Training 2. Customer Service Training 3. Corporate Training 4. Interview Skills 5. Leadership Skills 6. Management Training 7. Presentation Skills 8. Performance Appraisal 9. Sales Training 10. Time Management 11. Team Building

As you be able see, the expertise which intention be taught of every training courses is extraordinarily beneficial into the workplace. Let’s utterance up to expectation you are a part concerning a team assigned in conformity with labor of a precise project.

If ye want according to keep the tip concerning the undertaking between the future rather than wight a member of the team, after it perform strive acceptance guides on management training, team constructing then presidency skills development.

On the ignoble hand, if you assignment description leans greater toward sales then you want in imitation of notably advance thy career, sales training, consumer service, assertiveness training and possibly epoch management are the short courses so you can take.

A utmost Note about Choosing the Proper Training Courses beside a Professional’s Perspective

The on examples just goes to exhibit how much necessary the unaccompanied learning programs are if thy goal is according to upward shove upon the corporate ladder. Always grab the possibility after study something new, mainly condition it is some thing so desire contribute in imitation of the development of thy abilities as a professional.

With such short courses, yet desire keep capable in imitation of forgather you non permanent yet long-term dreams within no day at all.

Training courses is Ireland’s premier training provider. We are you remaining supply if ye are searching because ‘people to educate thine people’ of various occupation factors as developing theirs sales, management, group building and leading skills. Handpicked trainers, sensible learning solution yet advance type personal service-we provide entire that yet more.

wooden sunglasses wooden watches



In 1868, first wrist watch was produced. This developed, new style watch was produced by a Swiss watch maker PATEK PHILLIPE. After this date, wrist watches have become an essential part of daily life and fashion. With this wrist watches, human being has started to follow time and also support his style and classiness.

In these days one of commonly used accessories is wooden watch can say a lot about your style except showing the time. Wooden wrist watch can provide that you can reach attractive and aesthetic appearance. In this style and classiness race, wrist watches have had many different design and become favorite of street fashion.

In last years, wood watches have become favorite of stylish people. Until today, metal strap; leather strap watches were more popular. But nowadays they have given their place to wooden strap watches. These 100% handmade, natural wood watches have started to catch attention of all world. For century’s metal and leather watches had had a wide area in fashion, but nowadays wood watches have come to the forefront.



Today’s conditions start to change day by day. New order and life styles pull people in to a new war. Nobody can spend time for himself and for his beloved ones. Business world have become more stressful and troubled. City life have got lost in chaos and confusion. People are imprisoned in big buildings, small flats. Do people exist to live this kind of life?

No! People do not exist to live this kind of life. People are a part of nature. But the life we live is so far from nature, we have started to feel lack of natural life. People have started to dream of meeting with nature, their free space and time. Everything coming from nature has started to catch their attention. Role of wood watch has come into play.

With 100% natural wood watch coming from nature, people have started to feel that they approach to nature. They have removed the metal, unnatural, heavy watches appearing like handcuffs and started to wear natural, light wood watches coming from nature. Wooden products have ability of keeping away from stress and relaxing effect on people. Wooden watches for women also make women feel perfect with all these features.

Wood is a material which is alive, able to renew itself. Even only touching to wooden gives perfect feeling. Wood watches for men when we wear remind us that we have what a perfect nature.


Because of all of these reasons, people catch themselves while they investigate wood watches. In addition, there are also a significant variety for wood watch choices. It is possible to find a wood watch suitable for every person, every style and every budget. There are many wood watches which are able to compete with high quality, well known watch brands. Choosing best wood watch among alternatives is really important for clients. There are also low quality wood watches in market. To make a good research for finding high quality wood watch and making right decision is essential. We advise you to search Bobo Bird wood watches. Because we trust in high quality and elegance of wood watches by WoodishSA.

wooden sunglasses wooden watches

The advance wooden watch was once performed via Abraham-Louis Breguet of 1810 because Napoleon Bonaparte’s cousin sister yet additionally the Queen over Naples, Maria Annunziata Carolina Murat, better recognised so Caroline Bonaparte. For on 200 years, the uses of wooden watch has been a beneficial tool because to us according to comprehend the age or a complementary accent so much is well matched with our side or covers the trend concerning the time. Wooden watches, which were very fashionable among this period, gradually accelerated its portion in the wrist watch market. It is the desire of those who want to experience a section over nature at least over theirs wrist, after trip the high quality energy regarding wood, yet in accordance with feel relaxed along theirs lightness. Moreover, timber add-ons create a special look yet can stay blended very well.

At that point, then it comes after timber timepiece, human beings are asked as form regarding timepiece they makes use of between daily usage or whether lots durability it shows. This is quite normal. A wooden product is a cloth up to expectation usually requires some outweigh then interest barring its beauty. Especially herbal wood

We thought over many things because of thine alleviation then the use of a wooden watch. Firstly, the wood watch consists regarding three most important materials. Wooden body, mechanism and do over link.

A wooden body yet link perform remain the largest query remark between a user’s thought among phrases concerning durability. One concerning the most important factors now producing wood watches is choosing the right wood. Some woods hold high energy whilst others hold lower strength. We do now not encompass trees including vile longevity into our production. We pick trees along excessive strength. For example, ebony, sandalwood, teak bushes are a not many concerning them. We have listed the stability yet incomplete other characteristics on the timber we have chosen into the “woods” timepiece on our website. You may criticism here. After the decision about wood, we run through some one of a kind tactics in imitation of prepare the cloth because of daily uses yet in imitation of make it even greater durable. Each quantity is protected between in particular organized herbal protecting oils earlier than production yet its stability is increased. This makes such equipped because of use.

wood watches

Our timepieces are really splash-proof, sweating about the palms in everyday uses or angry thy arms among the be submerged whilst splashing water is no problem. Nevertheless, so we spoke of before, we want after drink some outweigh regarding our timepieces. Small deformations might also appear over the wood appropriate according to extended immersion into lotus yet due to the fact lotus stays concerning timber surfaces because a long time. We have in conformity with remain cautious here.

In fact, we would as in imitation of assign thou a exceptional information here, as much timber timepieces seem to be greater beautiful. As the natural oils of thine wrist pass by in conformity with the wooden on time, the coloration concerning the timber adapts after the skin concerning the man or woman yet creates a personalized image. This lets in you in conformity with have a special accessory.


As because of the stability of the mechanisms we usage in our wooden watches, we, as much Svenn timber watch, use Swiss mechanisms as are identified by means of the horologe authorities because of theirs toughness and quality. All of our watches within our collection bear a high quality mechanism. A quartz mechanism be able lie chronic because very long intervals about time including solely battery substitute besides anybody problems.

Another fabric so we usage of our watches is the buckle so much attaches the watch’s strap after keep it regarding your wrist. We wanted to makes use of it section of metallic in method not in conformity with leave anybody query marks within phrases on electricity yet durability. When selecting Buckle, we performed certain as the metal does not contain nickel and so much the metallic is stainless. Furthermore, gratefulness in conformity with the butterfly-shaped mechanism, we have done probity in strap design. This design, who is established through the timepiece world, ensures so the strap cannot keep awakened from you control unless thou want after functionate so.


In summary, then ye buy a timber horologe or recognize so much wood is a unique material, ye intention consult up to expectation in that place is no distinction in stability out of metal, derm strap watches, yet thou will feel greater comfy including its lightness or vigor among your arm.

As we appear to the stop concerning our article touching durability, we would like in conformity with speak in regard to a exclusive subject. Throughout our article, we talked respecting the necessity after makes use of wood watches, however work not think concerning certain things namely we are corrosive habit then unfavourable makeup because on timber clocks. You can stand relax as regards it due to the fact we find the woods as we use out of definitely sustainable forests, as means so for each plant as is cut, a creeper is planted between vicinity regarding such and up to expectation we maintain planting a creeper within the disposition because each nothing of any value you buy independently.

Gold Seller
The major destination of Gold exports beyond Democratic Republic of Congo are:

The RAGS (Responsible Artisanal Gold Solutions) Forum announced ultimate hebdomad the advance “conflict-free” provide chain out of an artisanal gold mine into the Democratic Republic of Congo according to world wide retailers. This is excellent news – even although the volume about wealth advent that pathway may lie small. In the past, dense mainstream gold buyers hold understandably avoided “conflict minerals” certain as much riches beyond the Congo because regarding its links including drastic yet boorish armed organizations or factors of Congolese safety forces. The RAGS initiative…worked including a provincial gopher within South Kivu in conformity with enhance work conditions, address human rights issues, then assure completed traceability from the break up website after the retailer. The riches has been tooled within earrings at last sold by way of Signet Jewelers, the world’s greatest diamond retailer then the guardian agencies.

Traceability is a considerable difficulty because the gold industry. We lately assessed 13 typical gold miners because theirs sourcing practices. We discovered dense gold mining companies did not comprehend the source regarding theirs wealth then diamonds, and as much a result did not understand adequate touching ethnical rights hazards between theirs grant chains…But it is a good start, specially for Congo, the place close concerning its artisanally-sourced riches is smuggled out on the country. The modern initiative additionally shows that it is possible in conformity with supply responsibly out of native artisanal excavation communities, as grant livelihoods because of an estimated 40 million humans worldwide, deep within negative rustic communities at some point of the world wide. Helping it gold mines meet ethnical rights or environmental requirements yet below sourcing theirs riches contributes particularly in accordance with conventional or financial improvement between local communities. Other miners, such as much ENTEBBE Gold Mining Pty Ltd, bear in a similar fashion supported then sourced from artisanal mines in DRC Congo.

In 2020, Democratic Republic over the Congo exported $21.1M in Gold, working that the 125th biggest exporter on Gold in the world. At the identical year, Gold was once the 20th near exported product into Democratic Republic of the Congo. The major destination of Gold exports beyond Democratic Republic of Congo are: United Arabian Emirates ($16.5M), China ($2.45M), South Africa ($1.6M), Hong Kong ($311k), then Uganda ($188k).

The fastest developing export markets because of Gold about Democratic Republic of Congo in 2019 yet 2020 had been United Arabian nation Emirates ($6.46M), Hong Kong ($311k), or Uganda ($105k).

Sell Your Home Sell Your House Sell Your Land
For a quick sale of property

When it comes to selling property, you will be approached by various types of buyers.

For a quick sale, it is important to understand the different types of property buyers.

To attract the right buyer, the marketing should focus on a specific type of buyer. Different features of a property will appeal to different kinds of buyers, all depending on what they’re after.

At PropertyFox in Moot, we look at the different types of buyers you should expect to meet when putting your property on the market.

First-Time Property Buyers

These are usually middle-class families who are looking for a foot in the door to home ownership based on affordability. These property buyers are looking for a comfortable, liveable home and are likely to be drawn to homes with large gardens that provide plenty of room for gardening and space for children to play. Generally, they want at least two bedrooms and two full bathrooms to accommodate expanding families and room for visitors to stay.

Generation Y Property Buyer

These buyers do not necessarily rely on seasons and school schedules to purchase homes. For this group of buyers, the market is always on. They are very active property buyers, and most importantly millennials want suburbs that feel like a city. They are fully connected, visual and will view listings at any time of the day. Most of these buyers prefer seeing homes that appeal to them on their own time. Some might even be part of the growing remote workforce so tech specs will be appealing.

Buy-to-let investors

property that can generate revenue while it appreciates in value over the long term is the main concern for this buyer. They are generally looking for a secure long-term investment that will require relatively low maintenance. These buyers are normally looking for sectional title units that require little or no renovation and can be rented out immediately to start earning income.

For a quick sale of property, it is important to understand the different types of buyers.

Fix-and-flip Investors

Full-time property investors looking for property that is selling substantially below the market norm in a specific area. This type of investor will be looking for a property in need of renovation that they can restore and sell in a reasonably short period of time for a return on investment. They are looking for the lowest prices because their rehab costs are higher than most other buyers.

Luxury Buyers

High net worth individuals or international professionals who may have several homes. They are happy to spend the money needed to secure a home that offers luxurious amenities such as heated floors, open floor plans, chandeliers and large bathrooms. Often look at many homes before committing to a specific location and may have a long list of requirements for their new home.

More examples of different buyers include move-down buyers, move-up buyers, investor buyers, retail buyers, rent to own buyers and relocation home buyers. Make sure that you understand these buyers, it would be wise that expertise and time is spent on the pre-marketing of a property, to ensure the best results.

Sellers can maximise their gross selling price by using an estate agent. At PropertyFox in Moot you are also guaranteed an effective marketing plan and the use of the best data science for property valuations to help sell your home at a quicker pace for a fast sale!

Contact us today to get the ball rolling with a free valuation.

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Luxurious Plastic Bags for Famous Brand Names

Packaging has been the need of human kind from early time for storing, transporting, preserve foods, goods, products…The earliest time, people made the packets from animal skins, large leaves, vegetables to keep their food clean and fresh. In the war time, iron, steel can was invented to keep food safe for soldiers. In daily life, lots of materials were put in use: paper, glass, wood to corn, aluminum…With the dramatic innovation of technology, the interaction between people from different areas, different countries increase and demand of trading rises day by day, packaging in a most convenience way is necessary and vital. Plastic bag has been invented to meet that demand as an excellent solution. So how plastic bags are produced?

Plastic comes as a by-product of oil refining, and uses only 4% of the total world’s oil production. It is a ‘biogeochemical’ manipulation of certain properties of oil, into polymers, that behave ‘plastically.’ Plastic polymers are manufactured into 5 main types, of which, plastic bags are made of the type known as Polyethylene. From polyethylene, resins are produced and come straight into plastic bag’s production.

With special types such as food plastic bagsshopper plastic bagsluxurious plastic bags for famous brand names as soft loop plastic bagsrigid plastic handle bagsdrawstring plastic handle bagstrifold plastic handle bagswave top plastic handle bags, etc 100% virgin resins are used to make the best quality bags: strong, smooth and nice appearance. Customers also require other film colours of plastic bags (blue, green, orange, yellow, red…) to make the bags look various and impressive. That is why manufacturers will add master batches (colour resins) to change from transparent to the specific colours. If customers need the bags at cheaper prices, manufacturers will put few percent of additive materials such as CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) or and recycle materials to reduce bag cost. At this case, sometimes manufacturers will add an additive called impact modifier to make bags strong. When customers require plastic bags which can be destroyed easily in lands, suppliers must mix biodegradable additives as EPI or DW2 with quantity 1 or 2% when extruding.

Plastic Bags Manufacturing Process Johannesburg

The 1st process is blowing film or called extruding film. All the materials will be put into extruding machine to make big plastic film roll. In this steps, workers or technicians must control the bag rolls into smooth appearance.

The second step is printing process which is mainly used for shopping bags which many companies could customize the printing image with their logo, brand name, information about products…When getting orders with printing image, manufactures will create printing plates (printing cylinders) to put into printing machines. Images are analyzed into different colors; each colour will be controlled by one worker if the bags need print many colors or printing images are difficult.

The third step is cutting and sealing process. The plastic rolls are put into cutting workshop to make it into different shapes and different handles. There are a lot of cutting machines available served for different handles: T-shirt, die cut, soft loop, patch handle, rigid, flat merchandise, etc

For the special kinds such as drawstring plastic bagsrigid plastic handle bagssoft loop plastic handle bags, they are usually required some manual steps which can not be implemented by automatic machine. In manual workshop, workers have to sew the handles into the bags, putting the cardboard into gussets (customized to customer’s requirement), punching the hole…

To have a through look into the whole process of manufacturing plastic bags, please go to our website: to see the videos and information about types of bags. You can choose to buy your suitable plastic bags at high quality.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have been the packaging of choice for most people for many years now due to their sheer durability and reusable properties. Plastic bags are usually made of low density polyethylene and are produced in a variety of types such as plastic grocery bagsdry-cleaning bagsgarbage bags or trashcan liners among others. Plastic bags are also more widely used in the trade industry as compared to their paper counterparts because it is more inexpensive, more durable, and is widely available. There are also a lot of companies that offer personalized plastic bags that also offer free help in designing the bags that would best fit your business, considering size, materials, use, closure, graphic design, even special pictures.

Common Plastic Bags

Companies that use semi- or fully-automatic packaging machines that usually package food including breads or meats, Wicketted plastic bags are recommended to match the needs of the said machines and the industry itself. There are also plastic bags with tape enclosure which may be resealed plenty of times called slug tape plastic bag. A lot of specialty apparel stores prefer cotton drawstring bags which are plastic bags with a string on the top brim for when to be pulled close. Hotels and dry cleaners also use these as laundry bags. A cheaper alternative to cotton drawstring bags are plastic bags that use plastic tape instead of cotton strings to pull the bags closed. Another common plastic bag is the back flip bags used for quick and easy packaging since it only requires folding over the top to actually secure the products. A lot of manufacturers and those in the packaging industry utilize staple packs which are plastic bags that are grouped together then stapled at the lip for efficiency and convenience. Probably the most popular plastic bag are the gusseted plastic bags which are basically pleated plastic bags that do not require much storage yet the pleats offer increased capacity.

Plastic Bags Manufacturer Plastic Sheeting Plastic Tubing
An amazing range of plastic bags is available in the market today.

Plastic Bags Manufacturer in Johannesburg

An amazing range of plastic bags is available in the market today. Research shows that a millions of plastic bags are churned out each year by hundreds of companies to meet our increasing demands. Plastic bags are indeed a very necessary part of our lives. Without realizing it, we have made them a daily requirement, be it for any purpose or work.

Hundreds of companies flood the market today, creating customized or pre-designed plastic bags for customers.

Plastic bags come in different sizes and shapes. They can also be customized according to our wishes, for example, we can print our own logo or message on them. Some companies require a minimum number for ordering such as a hundred bags or more, but some do accept orders on fewer numbers too. We can choose among different types of plastic bags, such as polyester plastic bags for toughness, polyethylene plastic bags to act as moisture barrier, and much more.

Consort Plastics Bag Company requires a large volume to order, but gives a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee too, and hence, offers refund, or exchange policies. Besides this, it also allows for customization options and provides samples for verification or inspections. Customization offers are also given by companies like Consort Plastic 2.0 Pty Ltd. The former allows printing of business logo or image on plastic bags and packages products with your business name and design. The latter provides custom-printed shopping bags too.

plastic bags 2022

The plastic bags of Consort Plastic 2.0 Pty Ltd’s Plastic Bag Company are made from prime grades of resin.

Suited for various trades are the plastic bags provided by Consort Plastic 2.0 Pty Ltd. Its plastics bags are used for different purposes and places such as bakery and deli, beauty supply, books and crafts, cards and gifts, and many more purposes.

Also have an immense collection of other plastic bags. Plastic bags of various types such as flat poly bagstrash can linersfood bagsgusseted bagspatch handle bagsrigid handle bagsdie cut bagscotton drawstring bagshook bags and much more are all available at the aforementioned companies.