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Wooden Watches for Women A Forever a Piece of Fashion

It’s 2021, and that’s meant a lot of changes for us throughout the world, politically, medically, and personally. But one thing that has remained steady? We’re still firmly in the age of the smartphone, and its influence over us has never been so apparent. We use our phones for everything – to keep in touch with loved ones, share our thoughts and ideas, keep up with our work outside of the office, watch videos, and engage with our favorite news sources. We even use our phones as a timekeeper. After all, if you have a cellphone, you’ve always got a clock on you. Does that mean we don’t need watches anymore? That’s going to be a resounding “NO!” from us, and here’s why we’re so certain wristwatches are still not yet obsolete.

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Forever a Piece of Fashion

Like it has always been, fashion isn’t relegated to just the clothes you wear. It’s also directly tied to the accessories you wear. In fact, just a few statement pieces can completely make or break a look, and watches are an easy add that never goes out of style. Why? Because they’re still one of the most flexible, varied, and personal pieces of jewelry that you can own.

It doesn’t matter what your style is – whether you opt for classic and casual, modern and minimalist, loud and luxurious, or something else entirely – there’s a watch out there that will fit perfectly with your aesthetic. Even our wood watches here at Urban Designer are available to suit every taste, making them an absolute staple for the fashion (and environmentally) conscious!

Practical (Even These Days)

We get it, okay? We really do. As we admitted before, our phones can do practically anything. They can be used for everything from VR gaming to learning in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrency investment, so they can certainly handle keeping track of time. But watches are still an overall better fit for the job.

Unlike phones, you don’t have to hover and worry about their battery life constantly. Most watches won’t run out of juice for years, and they’re incredibly accessible, always on your wrist so you never need to rummage around in a bag or pocket just to check the time. And – let’s be honest – you also won’t be dropping them in a toilet or dog bowl anytime soon, unlike our little phone friends. At the end of the day, they’re just the more practical option.

Tech-Adverse Approved

Watches make for a smart way to track time even with a phone constantly in tow, but when you don’t have one practically strapped to your body at all times? They’re timekeepers that absolutely reign supreme. For both the chronically tech-adverse and those who casually decide to limit their screen time, watches make for the perfect solution.

Since they can accurately tell the time but don’t require any connection or any external gadgets like most of our tech these days, we can more easily ditch our phones and enjoy a little bit of a digital detox. It’s still not a walk in the park thanks to our low-key social media addictions and technologically driven separation anxiety, but having a watch on hand (or rather, on wrist) at least makes the transition a touch easier.

Re-Centers What’s Classic

Still need yet another reason why the wristwatch is far from obsolete? Well, last but certainly not least, it’s because the accessory focuses on the classic. Watches have been part of our daily uniform for over 250 years now, have long functioned as an almost uniform piece. They’ve been an ever-present step in our personal rituals, part of what we naturally do to prepare for an interview or the workday ahead, with taking it off symbolically marking it as time to wind-down and relax.

Despite how long it’s been since their inception, they still function just the same for us now. Their classic looks and construction have also kept us captured all these years, evidenced by how this old school style has been continuously blended with new ideas. We’ve even kept that up here at Urban Designer, making wooden watches that utilize mechanical tech and nostalgic looks while still offering a bit of a modern twist. Two and a half centuries down the line, and watches are still seeing an evolution. If that doesn’t prove their longevity and relevance, we don’t know what will!

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Story of Wood Watches for Men South Africa

There are few inevitabilities in life, but the continued movement forward is definitely one of them. As the Freddie Mercury song says, ‘time waits for no one.’ The sands of time continue falling, and the clock hands keep marching on, regardless of our feelings on the matter. That fact drives us forward, makes us do more. And so we manage our time more wisely, always strive to keep one eye trained on the clock lest the seconds, minutes, and hours slip through our fingers. Of course, this is impossible without some type of time-telling mechanism and the watch – including the wood watch – filled that need nicely. But as the years have gone on, these timepieces have become more of a fashion statement than just a practical tool.

Curious about just the story behind this development or maybe just the history of the watch altogether? Well, it’s no wonder. This history is one rarely told but fascinating, nonetheless. It has its roots in 16th century Europe, evolving from the spring-driven portable clocks of the time. It was made by a German locksmith named Peter Henlein in 1505, who was presumably tired of the impracticality, imprecision, and importability of other timekeeping solutions, and is largely considered the world’s oldest watch.

Story of wood watches

Although, it was not him who actually declared the invention a “watch.” That honor belongs to local sailors of the day, who used it in place of their hourglasses to monitor their 4-hour shifts that were typically called watches. The association stuck and quickly became the official term, even to this very day. From that point on, watches quickly evolved, with today’s recognizable flat design in 1675, the wristwatch in 1868, the electric one in the 1950s, and the first quartz movement in 1969.

What about the wooden watch, though? That came a few years later in 1980, created by James Borden, a repairman who had never had any experience with the little tech’s mechanisms. However, he was fascinated by it and decided he wanted to try his own hand (or rather, wrist) at it. Since metalwork wasn’t particularly accessible to him, he decided to craft his watch from what he had on hand and could work with: wood. He did, thus the wooden watch was born, all pieces minus the quartz crystal being made entirely of the stuff.

While born due to a lack of other materials – necessity is the mother of invention, after all – the wooden watch has become something more. Nowadays, it’s a fashion and personal statement all in one, a move to stand out while also getting a step closer to nature. It’s become somewhat of an ethical statement over the years, too, a move to reduce the harm done to our environment as almost every modern-day wood watch is made entirely of reclaimed materials. Where will it go from here? That’s anyone’s best guess. But we’re sure that whatever’s next will be just as great and innovative as everything that’s come before, and we can’t wait to see it.

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Short Training Courses – Training Courses Online

A quick way to pick up new skills development is to look at spending some of your free time, taking some online short courses. This can be a good way for you to expand your skills while using previously wasted time.

Have you been thinking about completing a short training program in order to build up your skills for the business you work for or run?

If so, then we believe this is the right choice. By turning to some training courses, you are on the road to success.

Maybe you say that you do not have much time during the day to take those short courses?

Well, you do not need to worry, because there are a number of online training courses. You will find that those are short training courses that will last as long as you make them. Before you decide to enquire about completing online classes, there are a few options you need to think about. You firstly want to look at the different courses that are available online.

You see, there are many websites on the Internet that are promoting Short courses. You want to research and find out more, so you find the best one for your requirements. In the coming section, we are going to look at several points you want to ask to make sure you are completing the right module.

Why specifically would you prefer to take this program? Do you plan on varying your career? Would you like to increase your significance at a company you are working with?

Will these training courses be helpful for you? If so, how functional are they going to be? Overall, it can be easy to decide if the short training courses are quality. You can do this by researching the training program and website that is offering the course plus contacting them on the phone to ensure they are quality company.

If any poor websites come up, then you should avoid them at the same time friends and work mates experiences should also be sort.

What makes us able to tell you about short training courses? Well, not too long ago, we took a short training module and it seems that it has increased out possibility. We seem to have more success in our company life than we had without going through that training module.

As with any Training courses you are looking to complete, it is the use of the ideas after the course has finished which is actually the key to achievement. Long live skill development, and the use of knowledge!

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Advantages of selling your property privately

There’s zero wrong together with looking according to sell your property fast, however i have in imitation of stay smart respecting it. If you attempt in accordance with selling your property about thy own, you would possibly avoid paying commission, however such could cease above costing you into lousy ways. Paying a estate agent’s price may want to turn outdoors in conformity with be a younger price in imitation of offer postulate you are searching in conformity with sell property quickly and hassle-free. At Lead home, we are obvious as regards our pricing.

In this composition we wish seem to be at the following:

Pros then cons on selling a property privately

Some more things you should keep in mind if you want to sell your property quickly.

Selling Your Property Privately in Moot Pretoria

Selling your property by your own may be excited because you ignore to pay commission fees but there is much more to remember before finalizing to sell your property by yourself

If you are embarking on a private property sale because you think you can sell your property quickly, actually you must consider how much time you have. For starters, you will have to write a catchy description of your property and take attractive pictures. After that you will have to load all of this to the property listing website to start advertising.

One thing is for sure, properties that are priced right will sell quickly.

We mustn’t forget that properties that are priced right will sell quickly. Nicely presented property with perfect price tag could get a lots of attention of client at property listing websites. You should respond to potential buyers in timely manners, as well as arrange viewings with interested buyers.

If this is not first-time you selling your property then you will be surprised to learn about the additional paperwork that is required to sell your property in moot, Pretoria. You don’t need only an offer to purchase (OTP) agreement for the buyers to sign, but you also need to have various compliance certificates to conclude the sale, Like an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) and Rates Clearance Certificate (RCC).

Sales agreement & terms also not as simple as it looks. Good property brokers knows that legal document better than the most and will guide you though all the nuances of this daunting agreement. The buyer require a bond, is the purchase subject to any suspensive or special conditions or or what are the legal implications should either party fail to perform in terms of the agreed terms? As a good property seller you also must know how to interpret & apply the terms and conditions which can give you peace of mind in the negotiation and transfer process.

Should you have to cancel your property loan?

Other then inform your bank of your intention to cancel, there are also bond cancellation fees that will have to be paid to the cancellation attorneys.

You should appoint a document transfer attorney.

What you think you are saving on the estate agent’s fees is actually a small fee to pay for the advice and expertise you receive when it is something that

Advantages of selling your property privately

Selling property privately puts you in charge, but it does add extra stress, time and expertise. Buyers and will know the area.

Disadvantages of selling your property privately

Have you decided how you will price your property to sell fast? If you undervalue, then you might lose money. If you overvalue, then your property will stay on the property listing market for a longtime. You should do some research about your area to get an idea about how much your property could be worth. But estate agents deal with property transactions every day and a good estate agent will have access to the information about the going rates for properties in your area. This will help you to set a competitive price.

Find out today how we can help you sell faster. Book a Valuation

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Plastic bags are a great way to store your food.

Plastic bags have become a part of our everyday life. We use them to store things, transport items, wrap up leftovers, and even as an emergency rain poncho. Many people consider these small pieces of plastic to be a nuisance because they are everywhere. However, there are many advantages of using plastic bags in everyday life that most people don’t know about. They are cheap to produce and lightweight; this makes them the perfect solution for storing and transporting goods. Plastic bags are also easy to clean and reuse. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from using plastic bags in your everyday life.

Plastic bags are lightweight and durable.

Plastic bags suppliers

Plastic bags are lightweight and durable—this makes them the perfect material to use in different applications. A thick plastic bag used to store food will be much more durable than a paper bag. While a paper bag might tear open or get wet if left in the rain, a plastic bag will be able to withstand these conditionsDurable plastic bags can be used to store heavy items, such as tools for an construction project. A plastic bag can be used to store items such as clothes, books, food, or tools. They can be used to organize items in the garage or in the car.

Plastic bags are a great way to store your food.

Most people store their food in plastic containers or paper bags. However, plastic containers are often difficult to clean and store. Plastic containers also take up more space in the kitchen than paper bags. Dry food items can be stored in plastic bags to prevent them from getting wet or being exposed to oxygen. This will prevent the food from going stale and make it last longer. Plastic bags can also be used to store meat, fish, and other foods that are more sensitive to oxygen. You can use a double bag to store the food and prevent it from getting wet.

Plastic bags are easy to clean and reuse.

Plastic bags are easy to clean and reuse. You can wash plastic bags in the washing machine or dishwasher. If you use them to store food, you can simply remove the old contents and clean the bag with soap and water. Washing plastic bags will also prevent them from getting stiff and brittle over time. Although you can wash plastic bags, you shouldn’t use hot water to do so. Hot water can cause plastic bags to melt and deform. You don’t want your plastic bags to melt and get stuck in your washing machine or dishwasher. You can also clean plastic bags by storing them in a bag of rice. This will remove any odors that have been trapped in the bag and make it smell fresh again.

Plastic bags can serve as an emergency rain poncho.

Rain ponchos are an essential item if you often go fishing or hiking. You can use a large plastic bag to create an emergency rain poncho. Wrap the bag around your body, covering your head with the open end. This will protect you from rain, snow, or even hail. A large plastic bag can also be used to create an emergency shelter. If you find yourself stranded in the wilderness, you can use a plastic bag as a shelter. Create a roof by tying the bag to trees and use it to provide shelter from the sun or rain.


Plastic bags have many advantages that most people don’t know about. They are lightweight and durable, can be used to store food, are easy to clean and reuse, and can even serve as an emergency rain poncho. These small pieces of plastic have become a part of everyday life, and they can provide many benefits if used correctly.

Advantages of Plastic Bags in Everyday Life

However, there are many advantages of using plastic bags in everyday life that most people don’t know about. They are cheap to produce and lightweight; this makes them the perfect solution for storing and transporting goods. Plastic bags are also easy to clean and reuse. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from using plastic bags in your everyday life.

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You can wash your hands while wearing a tungsten wedding ring

Tungsten rings are undoubtedly rising in popularity especially when it comes to wedding bands. Ranking 8-9 on the Mohs scale, tungsten carbide is a lot harder and more durable than traditional metals like gold and silver. This makes a tungsten ring ideal for couples who value a wedding band that won’t bend or deform and resists scratches, tarnishing, and rusting.

Because it is a very popular wedding ring option, and wedding rings are meant to be worn almost permanently on the ring finger, a lot of couples wonder: are tungsten rings waterproof?


If what you have is a genuine and high-quality tungsten ring, then it is most definitely waterproof. Tungsten is not soluble in water, and water cannot penetrate the surface of a tungsten ring. Tungsten carbide, which is an alloy of tungsten and carbon, is extremely inert and will not react with humidity or air. The result is a great waterproof material that is perfect for wedding rings.

So if you are wondering if you can wash your hands while wearing a tungsten wedding ring, the answer is yes.


You can wear your genuine tungsten carbide ring in the shower without having to worry about it rusting or corroding. However, you might notice that if you buy a new tungsten ring, the care instructions will tell you to avoid wearing the ring while taking a shower. This is because while tungsten carbide is waterproof, it can react badly to the harmful chemicals that are present in your tap water, degrading the integrity of the metal.

If you forgot to take off your tungsten ring before taking a shower, you can simply air dry your ring right after.


To make sure your tungsten carbide ring lasts a very long time, it is wise to not wear it at all in the pool. While tungsten is a very durable metal, it does react poorly to harsh chemicals that are usually present in pool water. These chemicals often include chlorine and ammonia, and these can damage or blemish your tungsten ring.

However, if you are swimming in your own private pool and you are sure that it does not contain any of these harsh chemicals, then you can wear your tungsten ring while swimming. Just don’t forget to practice precautions and immediately air-dry your ring afterwards.


Not all tungsten rings are made equal. There are plenty of cheap tungsten rings readily available on online stores, and they are probably made of low-quality industrial-grade tungsten carbide made with cobalt binder. It is advisable that you avoid these low quality rings because they are not as durable as genuine tungsten carbide rings, and wearing one may even cause skin irritations. Also, they may not be waterproof unlike real tungsten carbide rings.

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Wood watches for women have grown considerably between reputation over the final decade.

Wooden WristWatches for women

Wood watches have grown considerably between reputation over the final decade. Where they were once quite niche then uncommon, these natural timepieces hold come to be the latter trendy aspect apparently all and sundry desires – then indeed, hold increasingly more done in accordance with wearing. However, a helpful percentage of the watches on peoples’ wrists – wood yet otherwise – are nevertheless something but natural-looking, extra garish and stylized than toned-down or neutral.

Not necessarily a problem, but there’s nevertheless a fascicle in conformity with stay referred to as regards quiet, nice aesthetics. Not absolutely convinced yourself? Keep reading for IV reasons in which way minimalist wooden watches are the road according to walk or from what primary perform every so often be the near beneficial.

1. They’re Incredibly Versatile

When it comes in conformity with a strong outfit, balance is constantly the reply – some thing that’s now not constantly handy in accordance with achieve. After all, just one apparel object and accent execute volley afield the whole thing else, working you appear unpolished alternatively than expressively put together. Thankfully, grudging sufficient neutrals in conformity with offset pops about coloration do maintain this at bay, or extra minimalist wood watches are a simple but high-quality pathway according to appointment greater regarding that between thine style.
Their natural grain or warm tones keep out without overpowering, then you execute constantly relaxation assured they’ll not at all conflict fit in conformity with their herbal versatility. They’re an ideal pathway after drag together someone outfit, regardless regarding whether or not you’re dressed according to the nines within mass wear and unstudied among thy weekend wear. Regular steel watches then extra designed timber watches definitely can’t suit up.

2. They’re Inherently Practical

If you look around into our community right now, that doesn’t appear terribly far away base in imitation of oration as appearances reign supreme. Fast fashion is irrefutable invulnerable regarding this, pumping out the newest, shiniest aesthetics at file speed whilst caring tiny respecting or shortly they’ll both peruse out over prefer then fall apart. And watches have abject sufferer in accordance with this namely well, big-name brands constantly pushing because latter design, brushing off whether stated diagram wish inevitably arrive tossed aside into a temperate months and also per chance preclude use.

That now not sit correct including you? Opting because of a more minimalistic wood watches is a clever choice as like it’s in particular crafted in accordance with eke out more regarding the focus concerning practicality yet less regarding superficiality. Of course, you wood watch choice nevertheless seem good; a minimalist choice wish in simple terms secure that fashion wish by no means trump function.

3. They’re (Typically) More Eco-Friendly Wood Watches

Wooden watches are properly loved because a variety on reasons. Aesthetics are obviously some on the extra clear ones, but theirs influence over the taking is possibly the second most common. This is due to the reality so timber earrings concerning whole kinds is more sustainable than its metal counterparts. They beget much less abuse at some point of manufacturing and almost constantly matter over ethically sourced materials for construction, buying from sustainable forests (or into the litigation about our wooden add-ons right here at Urban Designer), only the usage of a hundred percent reclaimed wooden is production creation.

But as much an awful lot on an eco-friendly area this practices relinquish wooden watches over metal, minimalist wooden watches usually smoke that further yet. More straightforward, targeted graph capability less assignment then materials, in the end ensuing of multiplied environmental impact.

4. They’re Often More Inexpensive

You’ve in all likelihood in the meantime noticed that just effective in relation to your daily life, but matters are without a doubt more high-priced than she used in conformity with be. From meals in accordance with lease in conformity with the daily essentials then beyond, everything has skyrocketed gratefulness after the ever-moving chug on inflation. Jewelry has also considered a severe hike among costs, then it’s discernible namely quickly as like ye continue concerning the hunt because of a timber watch.

This perform fulfill the sustainable accent cost-prohibitive because those whose coffers aren’t pretty as like properly supplied. Although, the more pared-down yet smooth aesthetics over minimalist versions can recover this barrier due to the fact simplicity’s often priced lower. Increased versatility for a greater lower priced price? That sounds as extra than a coherent bear in imitation of us.

Summing It All Up

The watch has long been a corporate trusty friend, keeping us concerning age then including that refined collection in accordance with accomplish us look our best. Wood watches hold performed this one step further, elevating the well-known watches to something extra present day or trendy.

Yet, those nevertheless oftentimes study sufferer to the pitfalls plaguing the more regular metallic watch. Insert minimalist wooden watches. Streamlined, simplified, or taken along minimal flash, this add-ons provide something extra versatile, practical, cost-effective, or eco-friendly whilst still getting the labor made (and instituted well). They may additionally stand basic, however they’re one of the beneficial rings buys ye should make.

wooden sunglasses wooden watches
Wood Watch as much a Christmas Gift

Christmas preparations start before months, people focal point Christmas celebrations along high dictation or exhilaration then await the occasion day. Christmas timber are decorated, Christmas parties are given, houses yet streets are prepared because the largest celebration. And aloof course, anyone starts off evolved in accordance with tarry for Christmas items from each other. Does the Christmas now not vile concerning the gifts out of teacher Christmas?

Wood Watch as much a Christmas Gift

Please don’t forget about grant a present is just a symbol concerning happiness. At that point, Woodish Wood Watch is really honest choice because people whichever ask because of sophisticated gifts. Before Christmas, everyone would as according to entrust the most special, innovative and lovely gift after his & her friends, valentine then relatives. You do pick out one concerning these a hundred percent natural, engravable wood watches. You must needless to say glance to our wooden watch collections before redact a selection because a gift. We rely regarding our wooden watches collections and we clearly trust up to expectation thou intention find a timber wristwatch according in accordance with you style. With it %100 herbal and sophisticated present Christmas ought to grow to be more significant and special.

High attribute woods, south africa movements, sapphire clear glass then wideness kind do over are used at whole Bobo Bird Wood Watches. We are imparting the excellent virtue together with luminous prices. You may additionally also utilizes engraving choices as are assured font and handwriting, in conformity with become a intelligence as print thine feelings. Create you design, create thine one-of-a-kind gift yet originate the good wooden watches because cherished ones.

Certainly, take a look to our timber hour collections earlier than deciding on your present. Endure the time, stay the life, flatter yourself…


Wood Watch Gift Suggestions For Valentine’s Day

The question of “Valentine’s Day is approaching, as gift desire I get?” Is haunting the minds about all couples any hold done the present a tradition. If thou assume regarding some thing to that amount comes after my idea but I need a meaningful gift, such is a large opportunity for Valentine’s Day horologe gift. It is a valuable present that thine sweetheart wish raise regarding his pulse at somebody moment, you will have a couple, yet thou desire timekeeper the epoch together out of the same dial because dense years.

If ye necessity in accordance with purchase a watch so much pleasure final as much lengthy as the years thou spend together, it choice be Bobo Bird Wood Watch, the beneficial attribute or natural manufacturer among the gift horologe hints because of Valentine’s Day. One on the wooden watch fashions famous because its toughness may stay the auspicious gift you lover received.

A meaningful Valentine’s epoch gift: Wooden Watches

If thou are searching because of gift grip clock recommendations for Valentine’s Day, pair watches so will stand on the grip yet a lover wish remain a significant then romantic choice! Gold & Gold Wood Watch mannequin is a pair that is as musical so ye are.

If you utterance I do not hold so a great deal budget, the Jet Black & Vanilla Wood Watch mannequin is additionally certain concerning the pulse watches you can purchase as like a pair. The capabilities such as alarm, stopwatch then calendar as intention no longer enable ye to neglect you lover’s birthday then in imitation of climb him on among the morning are nowadays life observed up on everyone’s mobile phones. You can effect thine own fashion including wooden control watches that are chronic namely accessories so pleasure accomplish a distinction in the fashion world.

You may also combine!

If thou function not want in accordance with wear the same watches exactly or agreement ye buy them first, afterward ye perform buy mine, afterwards thou do select combination watches. If you are searching because a man, take a look at out Pearl White Wood Watch & Teak, as each those any are searching because a extra affordable alternative yet those any love thinner watches are loved.

Teak timber watch

If ye are searching for a gift for women, ye execute mix it horologe along Black Wood Watch.

Ebony wooden watch

If thou are worn-out regarding shopping for the equal gifts now, thou can select a recent present up to expectation will surprise all of us by make thy distinction regarding Valentine’s Day.

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Local Government Councilor Practices Upgrade to Short Course 2022

This is a really quick & short course in Local Government Councilor Practices. If you are new to leading volunteers I think you will find lots of valuable information so you form good habits right from the start. If you are experienced, without taking too much time out of your busy schedule, you can read through and glean some tips.

Skill Development Center in Pretoria, South Africa

Step One: Ask

Do not be afraid to ask. Think of the times you have been asked to do something and considered it an honor. A sincere request for someone’s talents is flattering. Existing volunteers are a great starting point, they are already committed to your cause and they were motivated to volunteer in the first place.

Ask for feedback. Volunteers are often on the front line and they can give you valuable insight. If you can not speak to them personally provide easy and convenient ways for them to give you feedback. You could do this on line or by providing a form, depending on your volunteers.

Allow your volunteers to be opinionated. You want to know what they think because you will get ideas from them. And better they complain to you than to your clients/guests.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more or something different from your volunteers. Obviously there is a point where you can overdue it but if you have a relationship with them you should be able to make a good judgment about what else they might be willing and able to give or do.

Step Two: State

State what you want! We are often so sensitive about our volunteers’ time and feelings that we downplay what we need. This generally backfires. Know what you need and ask for it.

Write it down. If you have a tendency to understate your needs, develop a system that works for you and is foolproof. You may need to put your need in writing (you may share what you write or just say it), the process of writing it down clears up any confusion or uncertainty on your part before you approach the volunteer.

Be specific. If you are asking for a commitment from the volunteer estimate the time, cost, number of meetings and a start and end date. If you are addressing a problem or potential problem be clear about what needs to change.

Make it official. Once you have stated your need and come to an agreement, put it in writing. The few minutes it takes to do that is well worthwhile.

This is all about relationship building and that is important to your growth!

Step Three: Listen

Everyone wants to be heard. It is one of the greatest needs we have. Volunteers may especially need to be listened to. They have chosen to become involved in your organization to fill some need or desire in their lives. It may be a passion for your cause, a way to fill time, a need to be needed – it is easy to see why they would want a chance to speak.

Make time to save time. Because your volunteers have something to say, you must find a way to give them the time they may need. It can be challenging. You don’t want someone to wait until a meeting and spend an hour ranting (or raving). If you work with a lot of volunteers you may need some open office time, set aside specifically for this purpose.

Listening is an art. If you are not already good at it, practice. It takes a generosity of spirit to just listen instead of talking or giving advice. It is a valuable skill.

Step Four: Inspire

Are you inspirational? By your example volunteers will be inspired to work hard, to involve others, to care deeply, to be creative and to spread cheer. Without your inspiration they may lose interest, be influenced by negative ideas, work half-heartedly or otherwise be less than their best.

Inspire them by your work. Have good work habits and most importantly, work hard. When they see how productive you are, they will be inspired to give their best effort.

Inspire them with your creativity. Look for creative solutions to problems. Create a creative environment. Encourage and reward creativity.

Inspire them with your enthusiasm. Let volunteers see your sincere love of and commitment to your work. Share your dreams and hopes for a project and for the organization in general. Spread good news. DO NOT complain about other volunteers, staff or board members to volunteers; that puts them in an unfair and uncomfortable position.

Step Five: Include

Include! Include! Include!

Make all your volunteers insiders. Insiders are, well, inside. Being included makes you feel important. Give your volunteers the opportunity to be part of decisions that will impact them.

Invest time to save time. Find ways to make this work for you. Once you do, it won’t take extra time. In the long run, it will save time because everyone will be working together and you won’t be putting out fires.

Put volunteers on your Teams. We are very big fans of including volunteers, as one of your constituency groups, on committees (or Teams, as we like to call them). There’s lots more information about Teams that I encourage you to read. It is such a great way to bring volunteers into the bigger picture. As for those who don’t want to be included, at least you give them the option.

Step Six: Thank

Just one word. There are endless ways to show appreciation and many of them should be part of your repertoire. The easiest, of course, is just to say “thanks” whenever you have the opportunity.

Thanks you get results. Even very highly motivated volunteers will be more responsive if you treat them well and show them how much their work is appreciated.

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Property buyers and property sellers should be aware

Property buyers and property sellers should be aware about that their Property Practitioners must ask them for the FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) comply documents.

The Act stipulates to that amount accountable institutions may no longer establish commercial enterprise relationships or put an end transactions together with customers except he/she hold demonstrated the identity concerning the clients. This applies after having agencies as like well namely banks yet ignoble monetary institutions.

Suppose property sellers or property buyers are acting on behalf of a third party. In that case, Property Practitioners also need to verify the identity of the third party and make sure the clients have the authority to establish the business relationship or to conclude a single transaction on behalf of the third party.

The ascertainment procedure must remain complete earlier than a property is online listed – or not simply now it is sold. This is within preserving together with the Property Practitioners’ Act’s necessities concerning professionalism then felony compliance.


To acquiesce along FICA, property sellers or property buyers want according to furnish Property Practitioners with copies concerning their identity archives yet proof of residence. For example, this could be a financial institution announcement confirmed through the bank of query yet should not remain older than 3 months.

If the seller of a property is a trust, a company or a close corporation, the Property Practitioners will need identity documents and proof of residence for all the members of the relevant entity.

Property sellers and buyers should also ask for copies of Property Practitioners FFCs – (fidelity fund certificates). These need to be renewed every year, and outdated FCs are not acceptable. We must remember that Property Practitioners without FCs are working outside the law and are not entitled to earn a commission on the sale of a property.

For further peace of mind, property sellers and buyers may also wish to ask whether Property Practitioners are members of the (IEASA) Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa or any other professional organisation representing the industry. Membership in the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa – IEASA is not obligatory, but the institute has a code of conduct that members are bound to uphold.