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Wood watch by woodishSA – Luxury Wood Watches Series

Wood watch is all-time favorite accessory. It has a different place among all wooden accessories due to its functionality. Wood watch is evaluated as a special category in fashion world. For all of these reasons, design and appearance are vitally important as well as technical and technologic features.

Trend of wood watches used in our daily life is changing year by year. In 2018, wood watches have become trendy. Do you not think that standard watch models like metal, sport, with chronometer seems so common? Wood watches are becoming with their unique, natural and also elegant appearance trendier.


wooden watch which is made of wooden is totally unique. This is not originated only from that it is hand made. Every single wood piece has a different pattern, colour and texture. For this reason, even wood pieces which are processed from same tree has unique and peerless appearance.

Wood watch by woodishSA – Luxury Series

BoboBird Wood Watches are quite light and durable wooden is one of lightest and most durable material in nature. Is it not gorgeous that the accessory which you carry all the day long on your wrist is light? In contrast of 100-150gr weight of a standard metal watch, an average wooden watch weight is 45gr. Thanks to this feature, our bobobird wood watch will make our customers feel comfortable. In addition, to be durable of a material which is that light is impressive. For instance hardness of ebony used in ATLAS series is 2.430 lbf. This is significantly durable. Furthermore, all wood watch will be sent in a wooden watch box.


As a natural material wooden can be recycled easier and with less energy in comparison with metal and plastic materials. Except being provided by recycling of wooden, we plant a tree for every watch purchased through our website. We cooperate with ONE TREE PLANTED organization. In this way, we try to leave to next generations a green World.

Bobo-Bird Wood Watch One Tree Planted Donation


Wood watches are healthier than all other metal watches. Wooden is a natural material and processed without being exposed to any chemical as BOBO-BIRD wood watch. Links of our bobo-bird wood watches do not contain metal. Buckles of our bobo-bird wood watches are made of nickel free metal. To wear this kind of natural and pure material will make you feel good during these days which everything has become polluted.

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They are just beautiful wooden sunglasses for both men and women

Branded wooden sunglasses for men and women have been chosen to be part of behind the scenes commercial with some of the best companies in the world. Bobo Bird wooden sunglasses will be showcased in a worldwide promotion showing off the latest video codec from

Bobo Bird Wooden Sunglasses are stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly, what else could you expect”.

People said before using it that they weren’t familiar with wooden sunglasses before the they use it but “they fit perfectly with the image we were trying to create”.

“They are just beautiful wooden sunglasses for both men and women”.

Bobo Bird as they grow into the premiere wood sunglasses company. More people are discovering wooden sunglasses every day and being a part of something this big can really help a new company grow.

What Are Bobo Bird Wooden Sunglasses?

Bobo Bird wooden sunglasses were first introduced way back in past and designed to replace the heavy goggles pilots used back in the era. It was one of the first styles of wooden sunglasses that became popular and has endured it’s popularity for decades. They are generally designed to achieve two main objectives which are being ultra thin and lightweight with an added side benefit of being elegantly designed. A well known and famous brand launched this style of wooden sunglasses and still today, they remain very popular with all age groups and genders. Today, there are many manufacturers that make bobo bird style frames and the quality will vary based on materials used.

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Again, the main feature is being lightweight which makes them easy to wear for extremely long periods of time like on a drive or at the beach. If you think of how many times you have worn wooden glasses that felt heavy and left marks on your nose, you know what that feels like. These frames are made from lightweight and super strong wooden material.

When it comes to the various styles wood sunglasses offered at, it’s hard to not like them. Wood sunglasses are lightweight in general but also offer many different looks. The layered wood gives each pair an especially unique look. They’re also made from beautiful materials that are used to make unique, high-quality products like watches and sunglasses. I really can’t say enough about how great the material is.

Whether you’re already an WoodishSA customer and looking to switch things up, or you’re checking out our product line for the first time, now’s the right time to think about getting some Slims, as they’re on sale and who knows how much longer they’ll last. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch for yourself the slim new chic look you and your friends will love!

online selling south africa wooden watches

Wearing wooden sunglasses is taken into consideration as a remember of style by using some people. However, it isn’t always only a remember of style, it is a count number of health and self-expression as well. Generally, it’s miles said through style fans that the eyewear is strongly related with your personality because it is available in close contact together with your face. These accessories are lots greater liberal as compared to regular ones and they can be worn in some of approaches.

Generally, while we shopped for wooden sunglasses earlier, we have been requested through the supplier as to whether or not we look for steel or plastic frame. But, have you ever come upon a supplier asking whether or not you need a wooden frame? Well, here comes the wooden sunglasses body. When wearing sunglasses, you may be innovative in some of methods and wood sunglasses is an awesome example for the same. Now, allow us to get into the details why shades are critical?

1. It may be the extension in your style and it’s miles an accent that can be taken benefit of as in step with the style of get dressed you put on. When you can do some thing authentic and distinct, you’ll simply be interested in attempting it out, isn’t?

2. As maximum people are aware of the damaging UV rays, that could even act as the base for cataracts, cornea harm and different issues, it turns into essential to wear wooden sunglasses to protect your eyes from those rays.

Three. Also, in case you are an person, who will have to make common visits outdoor, those glasses can guard your eyes from getting tired. This is because the eyes will now not lose their moisture content material because of an excessive amount of exposure to warm or bloodless air when you are driving.

Four. They also are able to lowering the effect of jet lag. When you purchase timber sun shades and begin the usage of them, the sunlight that enters into your eyes is decreased. This will trick your body into now not figuring out so apparent that you are moving thru time zones so unexpectedly and so the disruption of your organic rhythm because of jet lag will be reduced.

When speaking about the costumes that may be appropriate when you buy wood sun shades, there need now not be any worry on this respect. This is due to the fact natural matters cross thoroughly with herbal costumes like the ones made from cotton, silk and wool.

Sunglasses timber body can go together with any colored costumes and you could get the distinctive appearance that you need.

If you’re looking to shop for timber sunglasses [] on-line, then you definitely are on the right place. offers a huge collections of branded wooden sunglasses with timber frames to change your look and fashion. For more information about sunglasses wooden frame [], please visit our website.