Shiv Ling Worshiping in South Africa 1800 Years ago Nelspruit Siva

Nelspruit Nature Reserve.

An ancient Hindu worship site which dates back 1,800 years, and is still in use today.
Sanatana Dharma spread throughout the world.

I have been tracing it’s spread for the past ten years and found that the presence of Sanatana Dharma and worship of Hindu Gods in almost all the cultures,countries.

Either Sanatana Dharma or Tamil had some relationship with all the cultures.

One findsthe names of Rama ,Bharatha, Dasaratha in the King’s List of Sumeria.

Shiva worship is found Australia,Fareastern countries.

So also the worship of Subrahmanya,Murugan,Vishnu.

Krishna’s son built a city in Port Barzhyn Russia.

Rama’s Chapel is in Ur,Iraq.

Kindly read my articles on these.

There are a couple of intriguing points on African religions.

The history’ of religion in Africa is almost nil before the advent of Christianity!

This,despite the statement that Africa is the cradle of civilization .

The earliest ancestry of Humans has been traced to Madurai,India,based on DNA.

African religion seems to had Shiva worship.

In NelspruitSouth Africa,Shiva Linga is found and it is reported that it was being worshipped from 1800 years ago!

And Ganesa too.

I am of the view that it can be dated much earlier.

Shall write in detail shortly.

‘Following the historical, onomastic and linguistic evidence collected and studied for many years, historian Cyril A. Hromník with a PhD.from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. focused his attention on the stone structures in the veld of MaShonaland, today’s Zimbabwe for many years.

These ruins clearly show characteristics and features of extra-African origin. This lead him to write a book called Indo-Africa (Hromník, Cyril.Andrew. 1981. Indo-Africa: Towards a New Understanding of the History of Sub-Saharan Africa. Cape Town: Juta.), in which he shows, among other evidence, that Shona in the name MaShonaland is of Indian origin, where it means GOLD. All stone structures in MaShonaland are connected with the gold-prospecting by ancient Indians.

Nelspruit Nature Reserve.

An ancient Hindu worship site which dates back 1,800 years, and is still in use today.

At the worship site (the co-ords above), you’ll need to find a clue, which will help you find the cache a few hundred metres away on top of a hill with a view over Nelspruit.

There are two ways to access the cache:
1. From parking co-ords P1 at the entrance to the nature reserve, find the sign for Shiv Lingam and follow that trail which seems to head off in the wrong direction, but will get you there. This access is ideally suited if you intend doing other caches in the nature reserve.

2. Alternatively, for quick access to only this cache, then park at parking co-ords P2. Make your way around the houses, and follow your GPS to Shiv Lingam. The final cache hide is quite close to this parking spot.

Find the date that Shiv Lingam was discovered – 198X.

Follow the trail to TURNOFF, turn off the main trail, and follow your GPS to the cache which is hidden at S25°29.1A2 E030°58.4B1

After finding the cache, if you parked at P1, then make your way back to TURNOFF where you can either return the way you came (recommended), or take the slightly shorter but yukky route along the sewer line. For the adventurous, you might want to find a shortcut down the cliff from the cache straight back to the parking…..’

Source and citations.

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