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Elon Musk’s Company called Neuralink is try to humanoid by installing chips in human brain

Elon Musk’s Company called Neuralink is try to humanoid by installing chips in human brain so now i hope people will understand the reality of future plan of globalist of this world they wants to make you like a robot so you obey them nicely.

Elon Musk and Neuralink are carving a path into digitizing humanity, but many people are still in the dark about what Neuralink is. What is Neuralink? What does Neuralink do? In this video, I take a stab at how Neuralink’s brain machine interface is going to impact the world of medicine, and potentially every single person on the planet. Everyday, we are slowly bridging the gap between humans and artificial intelligence. If you think we’re living in the peak of the digital age, you have no idea what’s just around the corner.


Advanced AI Robots Ready to Take Over Your Yobs

9 Most Advanced AI Robots – Humanoid & Industrial Robots

Now there no need of humans to work in companies and any kinds of organizations in the world. Humans are heading to useless creators for globalist.

A list of most advanced Humanoid, Industrial and Service robots that are changing the future with the help of Artificial Intelligence.



Be Prepared for Holographic Phone Calling Future

The dawn of the age of holograms | Alex Kipman

Alex Kipman wants to create a new reality — one that puts people, not devices, at the center of everything. With HoloLens, the first fully untethered holographic computer, Kipman brings 3D holograms into the real world, enhancing our perceptions so that we can touch and feel digital content. In this magical demo, explore a future without screens, where technology has the power to transport us to worlds beyond our own. (Featuring Q&A with TED’s Helen Walters)

Similar Technologies called Blue Beam Also Available for Making your Brainwashed Check Below Live Example Also.

Example 1:

SK Telecom Uses 5G AR to Bring Fire-Breathing Dragon to Baseball Park

On the Opening Day of the 2019 KBO season on Saturday, March 23, SK Telecom brought a mythical dragon-like animal wyvern to the 5G-equipped SK Happy Dream Park, home to SK Wyverns. The large fire-breathing wyvern flying around the park was streamed live though sports broadcasting channels for baseball fans. To realize the amazing augmented reality(AR) performance, SK Telecom has applied its self-developed AR/VR technologies such as ‘eSpace,’ a hyperspace platform that can replicate the real world into a virtual space, and ‘T real Platform,’ where AR contents can be freely/easily created and shared.

Example 2:

Incredible 7D hologram Funny Vine Whale 7D image Vines 2016

Example 3:

Hologram technology (Animals Show)

Holography is the science and practice of making holograms. This video will change a lot of your thoughts about animals 🙂

Small Question here.

Why this stupid scientist are building this kinds of technologies?

Answer is here: They are funded by globalist to build this kinds of Technologies similar as FB, Google, Twitter, Android, IOS, AI HAARP, etc., to use it against poor humankind of this world to control them.

With this holographics they can make you full with Alien invasion thiories, they can show you fake gods and fake alien city in the sky like below live example watch below example.

They can make you full like video above.

Even they can use this kinds of technologies in to wars inbetween two countries.


Obama and American Billonairs’s 395 Billions Fraud Every Years

Obama and American Billonairs’s 395 Billions Fraud Each Year in the name of Green Energy and Climate change.

Fraud by Obama, Environmentalist of USA,  Big Corporation (like virgin Active, Alon musk’s Space Ex. General Motors, etc.,)  in the form of Electric Vehicle, Solar Energy, Facile Fuels etc.

In this video you can clearly see that how this all people work together.

Politicians (participants in profit and funded by globalist)

Big Corporations

Social Acitivist (Environmentalist etc.)  (funded by globalist)

Media and Intellectuals (funded by globalist)

Here only one lady Vandana Shiva (environmentalist she gave the right review but other all environmentalist as fully supporting to globalist and politicians in this propoganda)


Are you ready to install microchip in your brain? Elon Musk’s Nero-link is coming up.

Elon Musk’s Plan To Merge Humans With A.I.

Watch the video and you decide what this greedy globalists are planing to do with humankind. This greedy people killed the entire environment of the planet earth (scientist already announced that humankind won’t survive more then next 50 years) and now they have plan to destroy 95% population under AGENDA 21 and 2030. After that they wants to install microchips into left over 500 million peoples brain so that people would be better slave to this globalist and computer servers owners.

If still we can’t understand the plan of this greedy globalist then we will lost our life and after that our future generations will live like a modern slave.



Are you living your life? No you not living in reality you living in illusion.

The Matrix of Today: Influences and References Explained

How does The Matrix relate to the modern times? Are we actually living in the Matrix today? Let’s dig into all the profound questions the movie asks and the philosophies that influenced the classic, and try to understand how the movie managed to warn us of the future we’re currently in. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:


A Wild Story From a Gospel Excluded from the Bible | Gospel of Judas

The Gnostic Gospel of Judas shows fascinating contrast from the theology of Nicean Christianity. Early Christianity was diverse, unlike how many Christian institutions proclaim today. When National Geographic published the Gospel of Judas in 2006, we were finally able to pull away from polemical works and answer the question, “What did it really say?” Why did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus? Who is Saklas? What is Christian Gnosticism? This book gives us a unique perspective on those subjects. If you guys like this video, I may cover The Infancy Gospel of Thomas or other Gnostic texts.


Warning: Food shortages on the horizon

Several indicators point to a food shortage on the horizon. What should you be looking for and what should you be doing now to prepare? In this video, we’ll look at these indicators pointing toward the warning signs various sources are indicating could be signs that problems may be coming in food production and delivery.