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If you have searched the internet looking to buy cannabis oil with THC, you’ve probably already noticed that you have been overwhelmed with information. Often this information seems to be contradictory.

We can certainly understand that and that is why we would like to give you more clarity with this article about the different cannabis oils. There are various different names for one & the same oil.

For example, we know CBD oil, which is also known as hemp oil. Then there are terms like hash oil, also known as THC oil. But what exactly do these oils contain, what do the names mean and how do they differ?

Cannabis oil is made from the cannabis plant, mostly illegal and difficult to obtain however on our website you can legally buy cannabis oil online. More about this plant is that it contains104 different substances: two of the most well-known substances are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The cannabis plant can be roughly divided into two types: the hemp plant and the hash plant.

Also CBD is purely extracted from the hemp plant, and this plant contains very small traces of THC. The hemp plant is therefore also rarely legal in most countries especially if residing in the US those that have asked the question; where to buy cannabis oil legally it can be found in particular states but more importantly, it can be used for different purposes.

From the hashish plant, mainly THC is obtained. There is both hash oil and CBD oil. So both oils are cannabis oils as they both come from the cannabis plant, but they come from different plant strains.For those seeking to buy cannabis oil with THC, it is best to drip cannabis oil under the tongue, because this way the active substances are quickly absorbed through the oral mucosa.

What is hash oil?

Hash oil comes from the hash plant. Hash oil, known as THC oil contains a higher concentration of THC & a lower concentration of CBD. Folks that are looking where to buy Rick Simpson cannabis oil would be surprised to know that it’s a relatively well-known type of hash oil, this is because it contains high levels of THC and is available in exceptional cases with a doctor’s prescription.

Each different type of oil is produced in a different way. For example, CBD oil is made using CO₂ extraction. Thanks to this extraction method, it is possible to filter out most of the psychoactive substance THC. That’s why CBD is non-psychoactive and completely legal.

But how is cannabis oil actually produced? Oils where preserving THC is important are made through alcohol extraction. In this case, the alcohol serves as a solvent, in which the THC completely dissolves. The alcohol is then vaporized and when the process is complete, a very concentrated THC paste is left behind.

The dosage of cannabis oil is different for each person. One factor that plays a role here is the concentration of CBD contained in the oil. If you are looking to buy THC hemp oil online, you will find a wide range of different oils with different concentrations of CBD and THC. It is recommended that you first stick to the dosage that is in the instructions for use. Of course one can also experiment a little. But always listen to your body and if you have been struggling to buy cannabis oil with THC, we supply four different strains right here on our website and can supply to most countries so feel free to e-mail us at any stage.

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