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    Just think about the power once SpaceX’s Starlink satellite will connected to the 5G towers down on earth on the ground,
    They will be able to trace our all privacy like Google maps, images of homes, building, street corners businesses etc..

    With these satellites, it exactly how you see in Hollywood movies today how Governor can see right through your house, what your doing, what your wearing vice versa.

    They already have technology through the military where they can easily send in a undetectable drone and that drone can locate your whereabouts, facial recognition, how you look, what your doing and everything within the blink of an eye for combat enemies.

    Imagine releases these into the atmosphere and having the power to detect and search out anywhere on the grid. That means even for when the shit goes does with the chip and ppl leave n abandon their homes to flee from this NWO thats about to come they wont be able to hide out n about in the wilderness if your gonna have satellites that are able to search out anywhere on the globe.

    This is gonna be the most devastating mark in Human History and ppl dont even know whats about to take place,

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