Obama and American Billonairs’s 395 Billions Fraud Every Years

Obama and American Billonairs’s 395 Billions Fraud Each Year in the name of Green Energy and Climate change.

Fraud by Obama, Environmentalist of USA,  Big Corporation (like virgin Active, Alon musk’s Space Ex. General Motors, etc.,)  in the form of Electric Vehicle, Solar Energy, Facile Fuels etc.

In this video you can clearly see that how this all people work together.

Politicians (participants in profit and funded by globalist)

Big Corporations

Social Acitivist (Environmentalist etc.)  (funded by globalist)

Media and Intellectuals (funded by globalist)

Here only one lady Vandana Shiva (environmentalist she gave the right review but other all environmentalist as fully supporting to globalist and politicians in this propoganda)


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