Premium Eco-Friendly Mechanical Wood Watch

wood wristwatch

Made with Reclaimed Wood

Skeleton Showcase Watches You ’ll Love

So, now that you understand a little bit further about why our wooden wrist-watches are worth your interest, you might be interested in chancing one for your self. However, we ’re way ahead of you, If so. Then are two of our favorite wood wristwatches that we suppose you ’ll also love. Give them a pass moment or read some of our other wood wristwatch options, and wood rings.

Premium Eco-Friendly Mechanical Wood Watch

Looking for commodity a little flashier and name now that 2023 is then? Our eco-friendly mechanical wood wristwatch is an ideal choice. The handwrought design features large, nearly chrome numbering, mixed forestland, and a beautifully intricate, exposed shell that feels mannish and rebellious. Despite the dramatic appearance, however, it still feels smooth against the wrist and makes a great everyday statement piece.

Automatic Dark Wood Round Skeleton Watch- Dark Skeleton Wooden Watches

Wood wristwatches stand out, but that doesn’t mean they’ve to be loud. Should you want an accessory that’s more toned- down and relaxed, try out our automatic, dark wood option. Its face is slightly slimmer, and the wood is more muted and dark, making the visible mechanical corridor the real star of the show without being flashy. Want to still give it an redundant, substantiated touch? It’s the perfect seeker for our substantiated drawing service.

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