Screen Protector for Samsung galaxy S10 Tempered Glass


Screen Protector for Samsung galaxy S10 Tempered Glass


Tempered glass screen protector for Samsung S10 featuring organic glass is sleek, easy to fit and gives your Samsung S10 AMOLED screen the strongest edge-to-edge protection around. Designed to curve around the Infinity-O Display, the premium Japanese glass is fully tempered with 9H hardness, is only 0.3mm thin, and surrounds expertly manufactured fingerprint sensor compatible organic glass, for an easy-unlock every time! Applicator tool included.

0.33mm thin, Premium Japanese tempered glass screen protection with localised cut out combined with organic glass to optimise in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S10
Easy-applicator tool for perfect, hassle-free installation
Super-strong edge only framed glue
9H tempered glass scratch and impact resistance
Curved edge-to-edge protection for the device’s Infinity-O display
Oleophobic coating repels finger smudges and oily residue
Super-smooth, super-responsive touch sensitivity compatibility.

Easy Application:
The Temered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with an easy-applicator tool for a hassle-free application experience. No more will people have to suffer with a mis-aligned screen protector, say hello to a perfect fit.

Specifications from the ultra lights of Mobile:
A lot of evidence points to blue light from smartphones being bad for your sleep, and there are a bunch of software solutions for that problem. But there’s more you can do, and InvisibleShield’s GlassFusion Visionguard glass protector is a good option. The protective EyeSafe layer strips out harmful high-energy visible (HEV) blue light, making your phone easier on your eyes without changing the color palette. Being made from tough hybrid glass means it’s resistant to scratches, bumps, and chips – and a special coating stops smears from oily fingerprints and smudges. It’s expensive, but it’s excellent all-around protection.

What’s in the box
1 x Screen Tempered glass Galaxy S10
1 x Dry Cloth
1 x Wet Cloth



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