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Leadership skills development should continue all year

Training leadership staff is an essential activity and responsibility for any employer. When leadership staff oversee the productivity, safety, and well-being of employees, the question of what they should know in order to be successful is of paramount concern. The risks are very high when leadership staff are not effectively trained to deal with a host of communication and process issues on the job.

Luckily, training leaders with PowerPoint programs, DVDs, Flash, online web courses, and the like is not difficult and it is not expensive. You do not need to send your leadership staff to expensive off-site learning programs or bring in trainers that demand “off-the-chart” high fees.

A PowerPoint (PPT) program can be produced and a movie can be made from it in mere hours. Online training is particularly valuable and carries with it the distinct advantage of allowing learners to earn a certification in completed training. If you need “documented” training, consider an online search for “online web course training for supervisors”. You will find a host of options.

Good instruction in leadership training includes questions and answers, role playing scenarios, and the clearing up of myths and misconceptions about leadership and the interface between employees, the organization, and top management. Be sure questions and answer checks in your new leadership training courses online so managers on your leadership team get immediate feedback.

When conducting Leadership Training Programs with PowerPoint, DVD, or online formats here is the outline you want to follow:

1. Observing performance
2. Documenting performance
3. Constructive confrontation
4. Evaluating performance
5. Resolving coworker conflicts
6. Giving feedback
7. Delegating and following up
8. Dispensing discipline
9. Inspiring and praising employees
10. Building your team
11. Communicating with upper management
12. Investigating complaints
13. Managing unfit for duty employees
14. Preventing violence

There are certainly more leadership skills for managers than exist here, but these will reduce your behavioral risk and supervisory missteps in the management of troubled employees more than any other topics.

Leadership skills development should continue all year. One way of helping leadership teams remain focused on solving problems is to give them a monthly newsletter. Again, try surfing for “monthly supervisor newsletter”. You will find options for your team. The best type of supervisor newsletter parallels your training in its format. It delivers short, sweet, practical content. A Petra Institute of Development is a good choice where the leadership staffer reads a problem and the answer from an expert.

Educational Institute South Africa Learning Programs short courses in South Africa skills developments
This learning program will provide teachers a list of options for skill development

Professional skill development has come along way in that past several years and now school districts are taking things a step further by creating online and hybrid professional capacity development qualifications. There are now a number of different learning programs that are being implemented by schools all over the country and they have been quite successful so far. Besides, if technology is being used more and more by students, it only makes sense that educators are given the same opportunity with their education.

Professional skill development programs save schools money by not having to hire substitute teachers or paying for traveling or material expenses; however, teachers are welcoming these learning programs because they allow them to take their courses at times that are easiest for them, and allowing them to take away more information because they are in the right mind-set to learn the material. This means that teachers are able to turn right around and incorporate the material into their lesson plans the next day.

Colleges for education are also jumping on the bandwagon and creating a number of learning or hybrid professional development courses for educators. They saw a growing demand and agreed that non-degree learning programs would make more sense than conducting the courses person, partly because of the very nature of how educational institute are now being structured.

“We’re an academic program. We’re not designed for customized [face-to-face] workshops in any way,” said Anele Ncube, a professor of educational development at Petra Institute of Development in Pretoria.

Anele and her teammates recently began an online skills development program in April 2022. The learning program is designed to provide educators and administrators access to three-week instructor-led online workshops that cover courses such as merging technology into the classroom. Anele said that the learning program will also be expanded to provide teachers workshops dealing with common-core standards for the state of Gauteng.

Petra Institute has also created their own version of online skill development for teachers. In 2022, the education center joined forces with the state department of education and produced the IDEAL program, which stands for Integrated Data to Enhance Pretoria Learning. The program offers short courses to develop teachers’ instructional skills in areas such as language arts, math, science, technology integration, classroom management, and English as a second language. Courses are usually over a span of six to eight weeks.

“We’ve known for a long time that the best professional development is job-embedded and sustainable within instructors’ own time, and able to be accessed by individuals as well,” said Anele, the associate director of Petra Institute.

Aside from local colleges of education, school districts are hosting their own version of professional development. The executive director of instruction, technology, and assessment for the Petra Institute is turning to the online world to enhance capacity development experiences for his educators through hybrid programs.

Another skill development program that is making waves is Channel One, which has recently partnered with Petra Institute.

This learning program will provide teachers a list of options for skill development that will highlight a “skill of the day,” such as incorporating various online tools such as Google Docs into lessons or creating digital assessments. All the tutorials will be kept online so that an educator can take a look back and review the material.

“So many teachers come back from a traditional skill-development session, and they remember only a very small portion, only what they were ready to get and grasp.

So with the ever-growing demand for professional skill development, it looks like we will be seeing more companies like Petra Institute offer programs for schools. Hopefully, this new way of professional development programs will give teachers the flexibility they are looking for and give them resources to improve their techniques in the classroom.

Educational Institute South Africa Learning Programs skills developments
Further Education and Training Certificate: Archives and Records Management


Faculty of Education Qualification Details

Further Education and Training CertificateArchives and Records Management 

SAQA ID 64069, Level 4, 141 Credits.

Purpose of Qualification

The purpose of the qualification is to prepare practitioners who are able to ensure that records are kept for a range of purposes is the primary purpose of the Records and Archives professionals, in a wide range of sectors. The Records and Archives profession continues to seek out new ways to meet the changing needs of identifying, retrieving, preserving, and conserving information and items through well-structured record classification systems and record keeping systems, while at the same time dealing with significant changes in technology.

This Qualification will enable learners within the Archives and Records Management environment to improve professionalism and enhance the quality-of-service delivery. It will also contribute to the further development of learners within the Archives and Records Management environment by providing articulation, recognition and mobility within this dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Qualification Career Prospects

  • Develop Youth Development Practitioners such as:
  • Archives and Records Managers
  • Frontline Archives and Records Customer Service Official
  • Library Assistant.

Target Group

  • This qualification provides an opportunity for:
  • People entering the industry and those already working in it maintain and improve their competencies in meeting and anticipating the needs of their organisations
  • People capable of analysing, acquiring, synthesising, organising, conserving, evaluating and disseminating records
  • Records and Archives practitioners who will be able to add value to the services they provide for customers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate in a variety of ways in the provision of Records and Archives support services
  • Use mathematics and mathematical thinking to solve everyday problems for him/herself and the Records and Archives services profession
  • Manage archival materials and records
  • Provide routine frontline customer services for archives and records
  • Administer routine Records and Archives support services.

Admission Requirements

  • Anyone whois competent in:
  • Mathematical Literacy NQF Level 3
  • Communication NQF Level 3
  • Computer Literacy NQF Level 3.

Synopsis of the Course

  • Communication One
  • Communication Two
  • Numeracy
  • Manage Archival Material and Records
  • Administer Routine Records and Archives Support Services
  • Provide Routine Frontline Customers
  • Provide Routine Frontline Customers (Specialisation).

Training Methodology

The PID training approach is highly interactive. It uses a mixture of presentations by the facilitator and by participant(s). A variety of methodologies is used such as group or individual exercises, case studies and role plays. These proven learning techniques enhance understanding and retention of the different focus issues.

Blended Learning Approach

PID uses mostly Blended learning Approach which involves using a variety of instructional resources and teaching methods in order to deliver content in multiple ways such as Distance Learning, Online Learning and Contact Learning.

Educational Institute South Africa Learning Programs skills developments

SAQA ID 102161, NQF Level 5, 445 CREDITS

This occupational qualification provides an opportunity for the learner to acquire a range of administrative skills to coordinate the activities of an office including information management and operational processes.

Qualified learners will be competent to support management with office and information administration demonstrating a range of administrative and communication skills. They will be able to function in Human Resource, Marketing, Public Relations or Financial departments/unit which will enable them to accomplish tasks professionally and efficiently in the increasingly computerised environment of a business office in accordance with national and international standards in the field. The learner will also understand cultural diversity, multicultural communication and the principles of a professional image and grooming to promote the image of the organisation.

The occupational qualification is to equip students with the broad based knowledge and skills to be able to be employed in a small business or a large corporation, public or private and advance their personal and career management skills to enhance their employability.

Qualified learners will be competent to support executive management with:

  • Office Administration and record management.
  • Communication skills.
  • Multicultural customer and client relational skills.
  • Resource/facilities management.
  • Tender administration.
  • Skills development administration.
  • PR and advocacy and social and digital media.
  • Computerised project management skills.
  • Staffing and people support administration.
  • Fundamental life and work skills.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Manage resources according to good governance policies and procedures to facilitate the smooth and effective operational activities within the organisation.
  • Manage, coordinate and assist in the administration and clerical support of the specific departments to facilitate the smooth running thereof by using computerised systems and practices.
  • Assist in selection process, induction, employee wellness and skills development of employees.
  • Process given data to complete a Workplace Skills Plan.
  • Assist in the administrative function of the marketing, public relations and advocacy of the organisation.
  • Communicate effectively using appropriate methods to maintain effective customer relationships according to organisational standards customer service of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Plan, administer and provide support services to a special project within an organisation.

Entry Requirements

Level 4 Mathematical Literacy and Communication.

Office Administrator Job Prospects

  • Administration Officer (Local Government).
  • Business Administration Officer (Local Government).
  • Office Supervisor.
  • Office Coordinator.
  • Administration Clerk/Officer.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Client Services Administrator.
  • Operation Services/Support Officer.
  • Planning Support Officer/Site Clerk.
  • Tender Coordinator.

Job prospects in Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations or Financial departments/units.

After completion of this qualification, you can further studies in

  • National Diploma: Office Management and Technology, Level 6.
  • Diploma: Office Management and Technology, Level 6.
  • Diploma in Office Management, Level 6.
  • Diploma: Office Administration, Level 6.

 Duration of Early Childhood Development Practitioners

Full Time–Two Years including Work Experience

Part Time–Four Years including Work Experience

Structure of the Office AdministratorQualification

This Occupational Certificate has three compulsory modules which are Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience Modules.

Knowledge Modules

132 Credits

Practical Skill Modules

155 Credits

Work Experience Modules

158 Credits

·      Effective office administration and management, 10 Credits.

·      Business communication and customer services, 8 Credits.

·      Office protocol, deportment and etiquette, 8 Credits.

·      Apply End User Computing, 6 Credits.

·      Social media and digital literacy,5 Credits.

·      Introductory project management, 2 Credits.

·      Computerised Project Management, 15 Credits.

·      Basic business calculations, 5 Credits.

·      Resource and procurement management, 15 Credits.

·      Tender and procurement processes, and procedures, 5 Credits.

·      Document management and record keeping, 15 Credits.

·      Staffing, and people support, 15 Credits.

·      Principles of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in relation to Skills development and Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) administration, 12 Credits.

·      Public relations, marketing and advocacy, 6 Credits.

·      Ready for work standards, 5 Credits.

·      Project Stakeholder Management, 8 Credits.

· Communication and effective customer relationships, 10 Credits.

· Manage, coordinate and assist in the administration and clerical support of resources to facilitate the smooth and effective operational activities within the organisation, 15 Credits.

· Assist in the administration and preparation of the process of tendering of contracts, 15 Credits.

· Manage meetings,15 Credits.

· Payroll processing and pay administration, 15 Credits.

· Support the recruitment, selection, and induction of staff,15 Credits.

· Classify, identify, register, track and dispose of records and information, 15 Credits.

· Assist in the administration and preparation of the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP),15 Credits.

· Provide administrative support to Marketing/Public Relations division, 20 Credits.

· Prepare, install and dismantle exhibition elements, 10 Credits.

· Manage a small project, Credits 10.

· Perform administrative and meeting support functions to support management,12 Credits.

· Handle customer and client’s queries and liaison in an office, 8 Credits.

· Marketing/Public Relations and administrative support,25 Credits.

· Assist in planning and coordinating at least two special events/conferences, 20 Credits.

· Procure and allocate resources,15 Credits.

· Solicit tender offers in terms of a set of procedures, 10 Credits.

· Manage a paperless office, 20 Credits.

· Supervision, and training of administration staff,15 Credits.

· Assist in developing a Workplace Skills Plan according to employee training needs, 8 Credits.

· Apply ready for work standards to everyday work activities, 25 Credits.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL for access to the external integrated summative assessment: Petra Institute of Development and approved workplaces may assist learners who have previous experience to be assessed against the different assessment criteria for the qualification as specified in the related curriculum document to establish and confirm prior learning. Petra Institute of Development and workplaces must confirm prior learning by issuing a statement of result or certifying a work experience record.


This qualification requires Integrated Assessment as follows:
Integrated Formative Assessment
Petra Institute of Development will use the curriculum as provided by QCTO to guide learners on the stipulated internal assessment criteria and weighting. Petra Institute of Development will also apply the scope of practical skills and applied knowledge as stipulated by the internal assessment criteria. This formative assessment leads to entrance into the integrated external summative assessment.Our Portfolio of Evidence will be submitted within one month of completion of contact learning.

Integrated Summative Assessment
An external integrated summative assessment, conducted through the relevant Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) Assessment Quality Partner is required for the issuing of this qualification. The external integrated summative assessment will focus on the Exit Level Outcomes and Associated Assessment Criteria.

Educational Institute South Africa Learning Programs skills developments
Agenda of the programed skills for development training


Skills Development & Learning Programs are short cuts to pinnacle positions.

Such short courses are presented via institutions everywhere in the global both to its internal staffs or to the interested general public.

Such gaining knowledge of classes are totally to improve their knowledge.

As the name indicates, it is constantly time limited at the same time as it can be either nearby or international.

The reviews and expressions of many that have been opportune to have participated in such courses talk volume. The quarter organizing the courses notwithstanding, the resource individuals are essentially known experts in the said vicinity. Many of them are accredited with the aid of their subject of getting to know whilst successful and energetic practitioners are the toast and pull greater interest and self assurance.

Assuming this type of route is prepared by way of the financial area, you may now not be surprised to see managers, administrators or economic experts lecturing the attendees.

The charges of such short time learning programs are absolutely at the high aspect. The duration tiers from few hours, days, weeks or months. The content material of such courses are tailored to boom the productiveness of the attendee. Not only will theory be provided, the aid individual or folks do provide their attendees the rear opportunity to proportion in their personal wealth of enjoy. Just as a few folks will say listening to from the horses’ mouth.

In the elegance, teaching isn’t intended to impress with expert jargons, they directly let you know how they performed their feat coupled with what you can do to equal their achievements and even surpass them. Thus, quick publications become increasing the aggressive potentials of the attendees whilst directing their interest towards the important issues inside the area they work.

Many who joined unique establishments but lack the basic essential study or practice in the employer’s location of specialization are offered such trainings which usually become a turn key ushering them into another chapter of end result orientated exercise.

It has proved to be greater enriching via miles more than the ordinary school certification. It stays the shortest course to effect a trade, upgrade to eminent popular and an perception to perform optimally within the ever converting area of antique practices.

It is on document that quick guides are equally a amazing area for connecting with masterminds.
This is purely for the reality that achievers do nurse aspiring achievers at such occasions, for that reason a assembly factor for future leaders and melting point of ideas.

Educational Institute South Africa
Pretoria has a big choice of training institute all providing professional courses

As the capital metropolis of the SA, Pretoria is one of the top destinations as an area to work for human beings all over the global, and as a end result that is also one of the top worldwide hotspots for professional education.

SETA Accredited Qualification & Learning Programs in South Africa

One of the foremost attraction of people coming to Pretoria to examine and similarly their professional skills development is that English is one of the official language of the South Africa. With English being the language of commercial enterprise and really a great deal the worldwide fashionable for communication, receiving education added in the language is considered very valuable.

As well as testifying to the extent of ability of the global businessperson in English, there are also extra experts delivering education in this language than in many different global places, forming some other reason extra people than ever are selecting to have a look at within the metropolis.

With that stated, there are a number of schooling courses to be had, from the corporations diploma to an extensive two-day management course in Pretoria. The choice of which short course to take all depends at the needs and dreams of the direction participants, but it’s far honest to mention that short time courses are developing more and more in popularity.

One of the primary reasons for that is that here are many advantages to these, specifically when undertaken in a city which includes Pretoria. Here are the various advantages that a expert can enjoy by taking an extensive quick path right here and no longer an intensive one.

Firstly, one of the benefits of a short courses is that they usually involve loads less monetary investment that an regular courses. Although Pretoria boasts a number of the arena’s first-rate universities in the form of University in Pretoria, lessons charges are excessive and no longer each expert can afford study here.

Furthermore, the financial funding of taking a prolonged diploma or control courses in Pretoria is matched by using the fact that this additionally takes loads of time too. A short course cannot best allow a expert to examine new competencies and expertise on a smaller price range, but also in a far shorter amount of time too.

As Pretoria is easily available by airlines from everywhere in the globe, these short time courses are frequently very feasible for lots operating experts. With low-cost airways serving the town too, it is possible to fly here to examine on a finances and live for just one week or and enjoy some full-size expert development.

Another advantage of shorts courses is that they may be regularly very centered on a particular subject matter. For this cause, a number of the most famous styles of monetary or control courses in Pretoria encompass topics inclusive of ‘Finance for Strategic HR Management‘ or ‘Risk and Crisis Management‘, which are additionally very targeting their situation.

This is specifically useful for folks that would like to gain information in a specific location but are unwilling to sit via and pay for understanding that is ‘extraneous’ to their functions. A brief direction instead makes it possible to hone in the most important topics applicable to a particular individual and their profession path.

It must be mentioned that – as Pretoria has a big choice of training institute all providing professional courses – that there are numerous quick publications to pick from. Those seeking to amplify and deepen their know-how of some particular issue vicinity relevant to their careers will surely find what they are searching out.

Although Pretoria is a hub for all types of gaining knowledge of, skill development & short courses are one of the most useful types of education that one can do in the city. These range from low cost education and easy accessibility thru global delivery proper through a terrific preference of exceptional coaching in a range of subjects to be had.

Petra Institute of Development is one of the SA’s quickest growing education businesses with over 400 Learning Programs on offer in extra than 21 locations countrywide. Delivering results-centric schooling software and highly applicable courses, Petra Institute for Development brings its consciousness to actual-existence training that conjures up and impacts far more profoundly than traditional school room fashions. Petra Training Institute currently offers public training guides, workshops, e-learning and bespoke training in subject regions as various as Finance, Banking, Health and Safety, Management and Leadership, Food Technology, Communication Skills, Engineering and Production, and lots of greater. To discover more and discover the whole catalogue of schooling publications available, please visit:

Educational Institute South Africa
Skills development courses permit you to stay aggressive for your industry

How can skill development courses help you and your personnel obtain your dreams? There are many methods to develop yourself and your business. Choosing and pursuing the right short courses allow you to target regions of viable growth and improvement and train you to attain your full potential in all directions. Evaluate the wishes of your group of workers and marketplace to find out how your commercial enterprise ought to use skills development courses on your fullest advantage.

Leadership and control training can gain all tiers of personnel. Fostering strategic and critical wondering with high quality enforcement of institution dynamics can significantly improve the efficiency of your organization. Encouraging these abilities opens up possibilities for advancement in lots of fields. Successfully implementing strategies of delegation, problem solving, and motivation significantly aids the effectiveness of any workflow. Whether you need to kick a set venture into tools or oversee the manufacturing of a couple of branches, skills development courses in leadership can come up with the equipment you want.

In present day speedy-paced virtual age, it’s miles important to hold your technological abilities and expertise updated. Skills development courses permit you to stay aggressive for your industry by way of maintaining your team of workers digitally literate or working to enhance their information of latest era or vital applications. Any discipline can advantage from multiplied get entry to to technological information, from basic word processing to superior software program improvement.

Effective communication is one of the maximum primary talent units in a successful organization, and it’s also one of the most critical. Learning to arrange and convey mind and facts will have a large impact on how your personnel interact with each other and together with your clientele. Face to stand interaction, phone abilities, and email or written correspondence can all play a function in getting your message across. Developing proficiencies in unique bureaucracy and types of communique is a incredible manner to ensure facts is being shared clearly and efficiently.

Sales and advertising and marketing make up the backbone of your organization’s backside line. So why no longer maximize your earnings through assisting your group to excel in these areas? The proper education can inspire your personnel to attain out to new customers, hone running relationships, and close the deal. You can benefit via gaining knowledge of to emphasize the strength of your products and services, maximizing selling factors, and locating new ways to attain out in advertising.

Building a recognition for perfect carrier strengthens customer base and offers a boost to business. Teach workers to exceed clients’ expectations in managing and resolving any troubles that can get up. Even whilst things do not cross as planned at some stage in the workday, expertise the wishes of your customers and preserving them glad helps you maintain manage of the scenario and keep business. Give your clients a advanced enjoy by using going above and past the same old standards of customer service.

To learn more approximately skills development courses, Pretoria residents should.