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Find a wood watches up to expectation

When that comes time to find a wood watch, even these about the wooden variety, there’s no scarcity about choices because thou in imitation of peruse. It’s a pleasant alternate about pace in contrast in imitation of a decennary ago now buying some wood watch meant selecting between simply a bite over options.

As beneficial so the expanded preference is, though, that does additionally perform the technique concerning discovering a tremendous timepiece a little extra complicated. Are even someone capabilities you shouldn’t compromise on? And just where exactly separates a honest wood wristwatch beyond the rest? Well, we’re right here after help thou figure so much out. Continue studying because a quick rundown about as according to seem to be for between a characteristic timber watch.

1. Sustainable Materials & Practices
Once upstairs a time, sustainability clearly wasn’t over just people’s radars. The dominance about of us have been a great deal extra probable after focal point on worth yet extra services than over what environmentally-friendly theirs potent timepiece was, which makes a tussock concerning sense. But instances bear just certainly changed. We in modern times be aware of whether essential it is in accordance with reduce partial about the damage triggered by manufacturing practices, yet any wristwatch company (especially these up to expectation make wooden watches) charge its powder choice function its good to pair this instant expectations while nonetheless creating a extensive product.

So, every time thou locate your self about the want for a instant wristwatch, attempt after discover an alternative as utilizes more earth-friendly materials yet practices. It is specially necessary that a potential wristwatch doesn’t use freshly felled timber for its strip then case, namely this critically contributes in conformity with significant deforestation yet habitat destruction. Opt instead because of sustainable, one hundred percent reclaimed wood. It’s higher because of our planet, concurrence it has extra character, building it a wonderful throughout the board.

2. Precise Movement
Whenever ye put on a hour period among yet period out, it sort regarding fades within the historical past a bit. It almost turns into some thing that’s a share of you, and you’re now not probably according to assume touching such a lot namely you run in regard to your every day business. That’s a strong thing due to the fact so ability it’s comfortable, unobtrusive, yet reliable. However, there’s a total army concerning factors you want according to assume in relation to before a hour makes such aloof keep cabinets then to you wrists. Perhaps certain about the largest things to consider? The hour movement.

The movement genuinely acts like the device over thy timepiece. It’s such as maintains you watch ticking yet ensures that that stays a functioning daily tool as an alternative than solely a incredibly yet useless accessory. Yet it is the place many brands cut costs, choosing in conformity with utilizes low-cost versions up to expectation are greater partial in imitation of empiric problems than theirs just expensive, famend counterparts.

Stay sleepless against that and seek abroad a wood watch as prides itself over the use of precise, exorcism movements. Japanese Miyota quartz, directness Swiss, and mechanical actions are whole typically strong alternatives in imitation of seem to be because and are handy even for mid-range budgets. Sure, she do price a bite extra, but those wish be longer-lasting and assist thine wristwatch continue to be about you control then abroad concerning the restore shop. To us, that’s extra than worth the additional younger fee.

3. Product Warranty
Buying a wooden watch is a dedication yet an investment. As something you’ll probably wear each day, thou naturally hope such desire work flawlessly for years without someone principal problems. Although, namely together with some thing else, even incomplete about the beneficial wooden watches can drive in troubles no matter how many tremendous the company yet what well thou take seriousness concerning it. Manufacturing defects then indiscriminately mechanical disasters will fall upon beyond day after epoch through no blunder over your own, or must so happen, you may truely need after keep covered.

This is why it’s critical in imitation of enquire because of a timekeeper choice to that amount comes along an addicted warranty. Any quality choice out of a reputable corporation offer a not much months in conformity with a yr of coverage. But a phrase concerning advice: don’t receive warranties at face value. Not entire intention grant the equal things.

For example, partial may additionally fully cover harm springing up from ordinary wear or tear, because others wish solely substitute absolute components verified in accordance with hold problems appropriate to material/workmanship details. A honest watch among an common charge extent should hold a assurance guaranteeing replacement for whole defects however intention probably no longer cowl lotus damage, misuse, etc. In vile words, absorb seriousness about thine clock or reflect on consideration on upping thy budget because of a greater comprehensive warranty!

4. Sapphire Crystal
Despite theirs succinct yet apparently simplistic design, watches are simply notably complex baby machines. There are a cluster concerning baby pieces up to expectation redact up the whole, each playing an critical position among the watch’s form and function. The movement, band, case, dial — whole of those are the clear bits ye have to have a look at because of attribute earlier than money modifications hands. However, like are a bit vile parts as become some cautious attention, or the crystal is amongst them.

For those no longer as much well-versed within clock anatomy, the pellucid is as clean glass-like overlaying to that amount protects the horologe face. Because it’s transparent, such doesn’t normally acquire extra than a passing thought, however you would possibly necessity according to trade so much together with you subsequent purchase. Most price range manufacturers (and also half mid-tier) bear a inclination after usage low priced mineral crystals into theirs watches. These incantation hassle in the long-term due to the fact those scratch dead easily, shortly turning into a disorder condition thou and a great deal so bump you clock towards some thing a parapet then desk.

Better afield avoided, spend a tiny more cash, yet find a wood watches up to expectation usage a sapphire crystal. stellar off, that pleasure perform thy clock significantly extra hard or guarantee you won’t confer any unsightly scratches from ordinary wear. But of top on this, it choice also ensure so much your clock pick is a helpful some on the grounds that sapphire crystals are particularly utilized by high-quality, luxury brands anybody recognize such as they’re doing.

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Wood watch by woodishSA – Luxury Wood Watches Series

Wood watch is all-time favorite accessory. It has a different place among all wooden accessories due to its functionality. Wood watch is evaluated as a special category in fashion world. For all of these reasons, design and appearance are vitally important as well as technical and technologic features.

Trend of wood watches used in our daily life is changing year by year. In 2018, wood watches have become trendy. Do you not think that standard watch models like metal, sport, with chronometer seems so common? Wood watches are becoming with their unique, natural and also elegant appearance trendier.


wooden watch which is made of wooden is totally unique. This is not originated only from that it is hand made. Every single wood piece has a different pattern, colour and texture. For this reason, even wood pieces which are processed from same tree has unique and peerless appearance.

Wood watch by woodishSA – Luxury Series

BoboBird Wood Watches are quite light and durable wooden is one of lightest and most durable material in nature. Is it not gorgeous that the accessory which you carry all the day long on your wrist is light? In contrast of 100-150gr weight of a standard metal watch, an average wooden watch weight is 45gr. Thanks to this feature, our bobobird wood watch will make our customers feel comfortable. In addition, to be durable of a material which is that light is impressive. For instance hardness of ebony used in ATLAS series is 2.430 lbf. This is significantly durable. Furthermore, all wood watch will be sent in a wooden watch box.


As a natural material wooden can be recycled easier and with less energy in comparison with metal and plastic materials. Except being provided by recycling of wooden, we plant a tree for every watch purchased through our website. We cooperate with ONE TREE PLANTED organization. In this way, we try to leave to next generations a green World.

Bobo-Bird Wood Watch One Tree Planted Donation


Wood watches are healthier than all other metal watches. Wooden is a natural material and processed without being exposed to any chemical as BOBO-BIRD wood watch. Links of our bobo-bird wood watches do not contain metal. Buckles of our bobo-bird wood watches are made of nickel free metal. To wear this kind of natural and pure material will make you feel good during these days which everything has become polluted.

wooden sunglasses wooden watches



In 1868, first wrist watch was produced. This developed, new style watch was produced by a Swiss watch maker PATEK PHILLIPE. After this date, wrist watches have become an essential part of daily life and fashion. With this wrist watches, human being has started to follow time and also support his style and classiness.

In these days one of commonly used accessories is wooden watch can say a lot about your style except showing the time. Wooden wrist watch can provide that you can reach attractive and aesthetic appearance. In this style and classiness race, wrist watches have had many different design and become favorite of street fashion.

In last years, wood watches have become favorite of stylish people. Until today, metal strap; leather strap watches were more popular. But nowadays they have given their place to wooden strap watches. These 100% handmade, natural wood watches have started to catch attention of all world. For century’s metal and leather watches had had a wide area in fashion, but nowadays wood watches have come to the forefront.



Today’s conditions start to change day by day. New order and life styles pull people in to a new war. Nobody can spend time for himself and for his beloved ones. Business world have become more stressful and troubled. City life have got lost in chaos and confusion. People are imprisoned in big buildings, small flats. Do people exist to live this kind of life?

No! People do not exist to live this kind of life. People are a part of nature. But the life we live is so far from nature, we have started to feel lack of natural life. People have started to dream of meeting with nature, their free space and time. Everything coming from nature has started to catch their attention. Role of wood watch has come into play.

With 100% natural wood watch coming from nature, people have started to feel that they approach to nature. They have removed the metal, unnatural, heavy watches appearing like handcuffs and started to wear natural, light wood watches coming from nature. Wooden products have ability of keeping away from stress and relaxing effect on people. Wooden watches for women also make women feel perfect with all these features.

Wood is a material which is alive, able to renew itself. Even only touching to wooden gives perfect feeling. Wood watches for men when we wear remind us that we have what a perfect nature.


Because of all of these reasons, people catch themselves while they investigate wood watches. In addition, there are also a significant variety for wood watch choices. It is possible to find a wood watch suitable for every person, every style and every budget. There are many wood watches which are able to compete with high quality, well known watch brands. Choosing best wood watch among alternatives is really important for clients. There are also low quality wood watches in market. To make a good research for finding high quality wood watch and making right decision is essential. We advise you to search Bobo Bird wood watches. Because we trust in high quality and elegance of wood watches by WoodishSA.

wooden sunglasses wooden watches

Imagine for a moment that there are no clocks around you. You don’t have a wrist watch, a desk clock, or a wall clock. You wouldn’t know when it’s bedtime, work time or school time, right? Now let’s go back many, many years ago. How did people measure time before they invented the clocks we use today?

People in prehistoric times divided time into only two parts: day and night. Then they noticed that the shadow lengths of the objects changed during the day. Realizing this, they tried to measure time by tracking the shadow length and direction of a stick they had stuck in the ground. These were the first examples of sundials.

The ancient Egyptians developed sundials and were able to measure time more precisely. The Chinese, Romans, and Greeks also developed different sundials and used them.

Sundials usually consisted of a circular stone and a pointing stick in the middle. There were numbers and symbols showing the time on the stone. They determined the time according to which numbers and symbols the shadow of the pointing stick corresponded to. However, sundials could not be used at night and on cloudy days.

People have developed different clocks throughout history: water clock, sandglass and candle clock … Previously, water clocks consisted of a large vessel. These vessels, which had markings on the inner surface, were filled with water. The water was slowly pouring out through a small hole in the bottom of the bowl. As the water level in the vessel decreased, people could tell how much time had passed. Water clocks that worked in other ways were also made. However, very precise measurements could not be made with water clocks.

The working principle of candle clocks was similar to that of water clocks. A very long candle marked at regular intervals was used to measure time. After this candle was lit, it slowly melted. You could tell how much time had passed by looking at the markings on the candle. There were also different kinds of candle clocks.

Hourglasses also known as sandglasses consisted of a two-section glass chamber. There was some fine sand in this chamber. This sand always flowed from the upper chamber to the lower chamber in the same time. The hourglass was turned upside down when it was desired to be used again. Thus, the sand would start flowing back towards the lower chamber. But hourglasses could only measure certain time zones.

None of these clock types, which were used until the 1300s, showed the exact time. In these years, the first mechanical watches began to be made. These clocks, without hour and minute hands, were unlike those of today and were very large. These were making sounds at certain time intervals. For example, the gong or bell would ring to announce the time. These clocks could lose time, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for hours. It could even be that it stopped on its own. In such cases, they were readjusted by looking at the sundial. Later, pendulum clocks were found. At this time, there were also the hour and minute hands. Over time, clocks have become smaller. In the 1500s, clocks began to be made in sizes that could be carried. Now watches were produced that could fit even in the pockets of clothes. The watches that are constantly renewed and developed that can be worn on the wrist were made in the 1800s.

Beginning in the 1900s, other types of clocks entered our lives. Battery-powered quartz watches and atomic clocks, which can measure time with little error, are two of them. Who knows, how will the tools we use to measure time change with the developing technology?

wooden sunglasses wooden watches

If you deciding  to buy a wood watch; then one of the most important questions in your mind appears should be the watch is waterproof. Now, we will answer this question. Resistance against depth is measured as bar which is also atmospheric pressure unit, this is called as ATM. Resistance of Bamboo Watches for Women is 3 ATM. Bamboo Watch for men are water proof, you can wash your hands with your wooden watch, go out fishing and also you may walk at rainy weather.

When the words wooden watch and waterproofness come together, it is suspected that the nature of the wood may be a problem in contact with water. “I can walk with my wooden wristwatch in the rain” or “Do I have to remove my wooden wristwatch while washing my hands?” But don’t be afraid, if it were so, we could not have gained a place in the market with our fashion watches which have been very popular and fashionable recently 🙂 As Bobo Bird Wooden Watches, we take some precautions to minimize sensitivity of wooden in case of contact with water. During and after production, special heat treatment process is applied to wood parts of our watches and humidity possibility is prevented. If we have not taken these precautions, you would have been right about suspecting.


50 meters mark does not mean that you can use the watch diving to a depth 50 meters. The ATM standards refer to just static pressure on your watch. The watch which is suitable for swimming and diving is marked as 200M-1000M, it means that you can use the watch underwater.

Water resistance unit is named as ATM or Meters; this means that the watch has been tested under laboratory conditions and passed the tests for a short time period and only at the specific depth. During usage the actual water pressure is greater than the static pressure. So, buying a tested and approved waterproof wooden watch is important for sustainability and user satisfaction.

Waterproof wooden watch


To improve water resistance feature of wood, tempering operations are applied to all of wooden parts during production process. Another protective action is Tung oil application as final production process to make the wood more resistant against water. These operations decreases humidity sensitivity on wood and these production methods have been applied on all Bamboo Wooden Watches. In this way, water splash on the watch does not create any problem. When the wooden watch is used considering these conditions, it will have a long-lasting structure. It should be noted that wood has a natural structure. We would like to emphasize that WoodishSA established in 2018 and did not receive any customer complaint about waterproofing within this time period??

When you wear a WoodishSA‘s wood watch, you may wash your hands confidently and without concern about water damage thanks to waterproof wood watches for men and women.

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You can see an independent review for the best seller wooden watch from Men’s Collection below.

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Metalic Wooden Watch for Men P19-1

Wooden Metalic Watch for Men P19-1

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A complete wristwatch for men with an all-wooden construction and metallic accents. It features three mini dials and a date dial as well. With roman markings, it creates an unparalleled sophisticated look. The rustic aesthetic of the wood adds a touch of bohemia. This watch is a must-have for any man looking to break away from the boring traditional wristwatches. With its vibrant personality and beautiful construction, you’ll surely stand out from the crowd.

Johanna Drive, Boulders Estate
6 Brahms Street, Sonheuwel,
Nelspruit-1201 Mpumalanga
Phone: 0799596616

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Today, wrist watches are setting sail for a new era as the son of evolution

The sundials invented in ancient times were about BC. They are regarded as the ancestors of all the clocks we use today, with a history dating back to the 8th century. Today, wrist watches are setting sail for a new era as the son of evolution that has lasted for ages. What about those watches? Is there a difference between a person with a watch and a person without a watch? Maybe there is…

Wooden Wristwatch for Sale Online

Watches have evolved a lot since the ages they entered our lives and changed us. The first clocks, which gave the appearance of time concept which was quite abstract in the early ages, were not compact enough to carry on. The first wrist watches emerged as a women’s accessory in the 1890’s and did not receive much attention. At a time when pocket watches were in fashion, the transition to wrist watches had arisen from basic necessities. Louis Cartier and Edmond Jaeger, known as the master of watches, called this watch “Pilot watch” when they invented the modern wristwatch in the 1900’s. These clocks, which were produced as a practical solution to assist the pilots in their flights, were soon seen in the arm of the soldiers in land and sea and became a part of the social life in a moment. Since that day, wrist watch has become an indispensable accessory for many people. So are people who wear wooden watches really different from those who don’t? We listed the interesting common features of people who wear watches in 10 items…

Wooden Wrist watch for Sale

First of all, people who wear wood watches do not have to worry about timing because time is a wrist movement. You should be careful when making an appointment with someone who is wearing the watch, because if you say 15:00, he will be there at 15:00. If you’re late, you can’t get out of his mouth, and if you come early, he can turn you away by saying, “What’s the hurry?” Being on time at the exact spot is a lifestyle for watch wearers.

Watch wearers are aware that the clothing they wear is compatible with the wooden watch’s strap and color. If you’re going to give clothes to a wearer, try to buy something that fits his watch or make sure you get a change card. Fashion for wearers is proportional to the time they wear it. They determine their approach to fashion by looking at time.

Wood watch for fashion

Person who does not wear a watch, imprint on his arm, necklace around his neck, earrings in his ear don’t stop worrying. But the wood watcher can recover his image with a single timepiece. A beautiful, elegant watch gives the person self-confidence, charisma and the image. Accessory saves jewelry trouble.

You can rest assured that a person who wears the watch for 24 hours will wear the wooden watch for the rest of his life. Because the watch is such a disease that when you do not wear it, you feel a deficiency. The absence of a clock creates a sense of nudity. There are not even people entering the bathroom who feel completely naked when they remove their watch!


The person who has the wood watch does not miss to exhibit it as a symbol of pride. He puts his watch into his eyes with various wrist movements until he receives praise from the other person. People who are obsessed with this issue have such charismatic wrist movements that if one day they stop wearing the watch, that striking image in your eyes will disappear. “It’s a watch,” you say.

It is also easy for the person who owns the watch to show his / her mood. For example, it is not possible to realize that a person who is constantly looking at his watch is bored at a meeting. Other than that, if you watch a match constantly looking at the clock you will understand how excited it is. He’s an in-person who wears a watch…

Wooden Watch for You

Since the wooden watch is also expensive when it is good quality, the person wearing the watch looks at it like an eye. In crowded environments, he immediately puts his hand in his pocket. It acts calmly and calmly to protect its clock, which can be damaged in minor collisions. You don’t see him swinging his or her hand to the left or right, this serene air spirit in his arms also creates an interesting auto control mechanism for the person wearing the watch.

For a watch wearer, the place, the direction and the time is all about the clock. Kilometers are meaningless for a watch wearer. So if you say “10 kilometers away”, you might get an answer like “Tell us how many minutes we’ll get to you”.

The grain watch wearer is also responsible. When entering the bathroom, going to the sea, the football carpet field carefully leaves the clock aside, then takes place with pleasure. This makes them more principled and patient with life. The concept of “safety first” sits on them as a motto. The person who takes his watch out of residence is responsible enough to walk back 20 kilometers to get back the clock if he forgets the watch there. It has returned, it is fixed by experience.


People who wear watches also adapt to fashion. They don’t fall behind fashion. Using Bobo Bird Wooden Watch, it turns into the colors it wants with its stylish and customizable design and offers more than time with its charismatic look. It adapts to the life of the user and becomes a whole with it.

wooden sunglasses wooden watches
A Engraved wooden watch and link can be the biggest question mark

The first wooden wrist watch was made by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1810 for Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister and also the Queen of Naples, Maria Annunziata Carolina Murat, better known as Caroline Bonaparte. For over 200 years, the use of wooden watch has been a useful tool for us to know the time and a complementary accessory that is compatible with our outfit and covers the fashion of the time. Wooden watches, which were very fashionable in this period, gradually increased its share in the wrist watch market. It is the choice of those who want to feel a part of nature at least on their wrist, to experience the positive energy of wood, and to feel comfortable with their lightness. Moreover, wooden accessories create a different appearance and can be combined very well.

At this point, when it comes to wooden timepiece, people are asked what kind of timepiece they use in daily use and how much durability it shows. This is quite normal. A wooden watch is a material that always requires some care and attention besides its beauty. Especially natural wood.

We thought of many things for your comfort when using a wooden watch. Firstly, the wooden watch consists of three main materials. Wooden body, mechanism and buckle link.

Engraved wooden watch and link can be the biggest question mark in a user’s mind in terms of durability. One of the most important points when producing wooden watches is choosing the right wood. Some woods have high strength while others have lower strength. We do not include trees with low durability in our production. We select trees with high strength. For example, ebony, sandalwood, teak trees are a few of them. We have listed the durability and some other characteristics of the trees we have selected in the “woods” section of our website. You can review here. After the selection of wood, we go through some special processes to prepare the material for daily use and to make it even more durable. Each part is preserved in specially prepared natural protective oils before production and its durability is increased. This makes it ready for use.

Wooden Timepiece

Our timepieces are absolutely splash-proof, sweating on the hands in everyday use or washing your hands in the sink while splashing water is no problem. Nevertheless, as we mentioned before, we need to take some care of our timepieces. Small deformations may occur on the wood due to prolonged immersion in water or because water remains on wooden surfaces for a long time. We have to be careful here.

In fact, we would like to give you a different information here, as wooden timepieces look more beautiful. As the natural oils in your wrist pass to the wood over time, the color of the wood adapts to the skin of the person and creates a personalized image. This allows you to have a unique accessory.

Minimalist wood watch

As for the durability of the mechanisms we use in our wooden watches, we, as bobo bird wood watch, use Swiss mechanisms that are recognized by the watch authorities for their durability and quality. All of our watches in our collection have a Swiss-made Ronda mechanism. A quartz mechanism can be used for very long periods of time with only battery replacement without any problems.

Another material that we use in our watches is the buckle that attaches the watch’s strap to keep it on your wrist. We wanted to use this piece of metal in order not to leave any question marks in terms of strength and durability. When choosing Buckle, we made sure that the metal does not contain nickel and that the metal is stainless. Furthermore, thanks to the butterfly-shaped mechanism, we have achieved integrity in strap design. This design, which is accepted by the timepiece world, ensures that the strap cannot be opened from your wrist unless you want to do so.

Crash proof wood watch

In summary, when you buy a wooden watch and realize that wood is a special material, you will see that there is no difference in durability from metal, leather strap watches, and you will feel more comfortable with its lightness and vitality in your arm.

As we come to the end of our article about durability, we would like to talk about a different subject. Throughout our article, we talked about the need to use wooden clocks, but do not think of such things as we are destroying nature and damaging nature because of wooden clocks. You can be relax about it because we get the woods that we use from completely sustainable forests, which means that for every tree that is cut, a tree is planted in place of it and that we keep planting a tree in the nature for every hour you buy independently.

You can use these coupon codes for your orders.

wooden sunglasses wooden watches

Today’s changing values makes eco-friendly products emerge as prominent. Natural, respectful to ethnical being yet behavior products are preferred for most about us. toughness Like lousy vegan products, handmade wood watches are preferred alternatively over products who are harmful after makeup then disrespectful in imitation of animals.

Of course, wight a vegan production cannot keep ample in accordance with edit that best one. Do you know where kind on capabilities a best wood crop plants clock should has? We hold listed for you top 5 applications then discipline to remain cautious about them. Let’s parley them!


There is no misgiving as certain over foremost aspects concerning a timepiece is glass. At preceding glance, you wish parley it. toughness Sapphire crystal takes location between the market so almost perdurable then gorgeous choice. Thanks after its scratch-proof feature, you perform readily wear thy watch. No want to issue postulate it is cleft and broken! In contrast in conformity with humor glass, such is truely strong to injury a sapphire crystal. There be able remain a question approach after mind. “ Is sapphire clear cost extra cost ? ” From this point concerning argue our report would lie exactly: Yes, it is worth!


Another important component because of a excellent timepiece is mechanism. There are iii main sorts namely automatic movement, mechanical movement then quartz movement. Using certain on to them by the fashion over the hour is possible. A dependable mechanism company gives a high rigor yet additionally hold long life-time. As Svenn, we propose Ronda mechanisms which is a global acknowledged Swiss brand.


If ye are looking for a production who is done regarding wooden, desire grow to be an vital feature. 100% herbal actual timber cloth keep warmness dealt with to edit such hard enough. Do not overlook after take a look at you hour made of tempered wood!


Do you understand to that amount wood fruit watches are customizable? You be able edit you production special along receiving capabilities of print service. Today, such is viable too including you own handwriting. As Svenn, we suggest so much using personalization opportunities to accumulate a feature, as is exclusive after solely you, according to you timepiece.


Are ye assured so the product ye are planning to purchase is compatible together with patron security regulations? If ye are not sure, thou must stand cautious concerning this point. A hour may comprise some breakneck chemical substances kind of nickel, cadmium, lead, azo dyes, chromium VI, PAH. stability Compatibility together with Reach decree do lie a honest factor to test this. If the product thou wish buy is tested then certified through the Annex XVII restrictions of REACH regulations, ye are of safe.


As Svenn, we hold three suggestions for you. They entire have pinnacle 5 functions over auspicious wood watches. Let’s take a look!


A strong desire because eco-friendly men! Made out of Ebony, that handsome timepiece execute differ into shade out of fuscous in imitation of darkish brown. Black hour symptoms barely fitting concerning darkish gray dial. With its pink second hand, it elegant model wish stay thy go-to watch. The beautifully-crafted case measures 41mm within diameter erection that a sportive alternative for thine wrist. See its accomplishment purposes below!

Key Features

Scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal Glass
Swiss Mechanism – Ronda 1069
%100 Natural Tempered Ebony Wood
Compatible along Reach Regulations
Engraving Options


Night Blue Wood Watch out of Romeo Series will remain a sizeable choice because navy-blue lovers! Its darkish blue dial including its silver hour warning signs suits altogether properly together with dark black shade of dark sandalwood. 41mm diameter case is an finest rate because you wrist. Its cutting-edge layout is not the solely reason going because it, that pinnacle wood clock additionally purposes including outstanding components. Let’s recommend its accomplishment features!

Key Features

Scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal Glass
Swiss Mechanism – Ronda 1069
%100 Natural Tempered Dark Sandalwood
Compatible including Reach Regulations
Engraving Options


Doubtlessly, wristwatch is the near important piece of gent’s wardrobe. Dark Brown wooden watch choice be a must-have piece between cloth wardrobe about a men whoever likes minimalist style. This model has 45mm case or its dark black dial is clear including fingers markings yet Roman numerals at 6 or 12 o’clock. This horologe pairs excessive attribute then naturalism. Let’s seem to be at the accomplishment feature!

Key Features

Scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal Glass
Swiss Mechanism – Ronda 1069
%100 Natural Tempered Dark Sandalwood
Compatible along Reach Regulations
Engraving Options

wooden sunglasses wooden watches
Unique Gifts of Engraved Wooden Watches

engraved wooden watches

Choosing a present is a very difficult yet important task. The choice gift is anticipated in imitation of edit the man or woman sense special. Ordinary gifts functionate not perform the person happy, or she is forgotten in a quick time, while special gifts are remembered for a lifetime. It is no longer amazing to that amount we all want after locate unique gifts. That’s precisely by what means it would stand a excellent alternative in imitation of use engraving options. You may draw you extraordinary word concerning lawsuit backs on wood watches by similar three altogether simple steps. Write thine observe concerning paper, receive a photo, or assign such thru product page.


wooden engraved watches not solely protects you clock but additionally perform remain absolutely nice accessory regarding your drawer. Would it no longer lie absolutely first-rate to fulfill such more beautiful and significant with a distinct note? Today, it is possible in accordance with petition stamp choices about timber horologe box. You execute customise thy hour box namely thou wish. Or ye be able usage this alternative after perform you gift extra meaningful.

engraved wooden watches


Gifts are the products purchased according to redact a loved, treasured individual bright yet in accordance with portion a frequent memory. A customized gift, of the vile hand, is a uncommon or one-of-a-kind shape regarding the present to that amount is designed especially because solely certain individual person, just kind of a fingerprint. There is no misgiving to that amount it exceptional presents additionally exhibit the value we deliver to our cherished ones. You may opt for in conformity with Gather a special which means according to the gift which thou are planning in imitation of commend you mate gratefulness after stamp options. You execute accomplish you spouse bright by means of award an engraved wood watches regarding unique days certain as much birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and save between unique memories over these days.


What slave you assume makes your sweetheart one-of-a-kind or distinctive from other people? I be able clearly wager thine answer already: “Because I amour him & her. That’s by what means my lady friend or boyfriend is extraordinary yet special from everybody else.” This will probably stand the just vital component according to say! In fact, the emotion we name love, a sense unseen of you inner world yet up to expectation only thou be able know? So how many pleasure you favorite be aware of as regards this extraordinary feeling? How perform you perform the love you experience because of thine favourite sense better? At that point, the amour behaviors we call proposal appear between play! How work we express our love? Sometimes we exhibit our amour with a smile, once in a while along a warm kiss about the cheek, on occasion with a tremendous squeeze and occasionally including a significant look. Another astonishing way on expressing fancy is according to deliver a present because of you lover. But then we address gifts, we do now not low ordinary gifts. Romantic items because of you lover, complete about significant or surprises, so much scent like love, to that amount wish make your lover experience exceedingly special! Exactly like a gorgeous engraved wood watch.


Did you be aware of so the traditional gift because of the 5th anniversary, one on the near vital anniversaries on marriage, is wood? Undoubtedly, that is a necessary date invaluable on a exclusive celebration. A wooden present wish remain an important symbol, displaying to that amount the kindred has turn out to be stronger, warmer. You faced including dense difficulties and at the same age try after protect love, preserve household warmth. Now is the era in conformity with enjoy!!! Wouldn’t it stand fine in conformity with gift your spouse yet master a superb wood engraved wristwatch to that amount will swimsuit today at all well?


You are respecting according to go away in the back of another yr since ye met your lover. To You Lovers, Huge congratulations because getting through a giant year of LOVE, who was from time to time lovely or from time to time difficult… Therefore, it photograph over delight is the result about thy love. We are sure to that amount you are dodge after edit amazing surprises because you favorite on your annual to take note the past 12 months of the best road yet according to welcome thine subsequent modern year including happiness! For that reason, you have already commenced to enquire for the superior anniversary gifts! As nicely as much selecting a romantic present because your lover, it may additionally perform thine annual vivid including lovely words to that amount wish redact thine present meaningful. If thou are searching because of imaginative words after compose romantic present notes over thy gift, you are between the correct place. Because Svenn presents dead quality timber timekeeper collections because of guys & because of female and stamp service. Thanks after engraving application, ye can compose thine exceptional be aware over law again over horologe yet show your emotions according to your lover into the good path of you anniversary