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12000 to 42 Thousands satellite into law earth orbit by Elon Musk

SpaceX Company owned by Elon Musk

SpaceX is going to upload the 12 to 42 thousands satellite into law earth orbit which would be faster then 5G internet speed.

Question is that, Why they wants to do this all propaganda and destroy the law earth orbit also like they destroyed the planet earth in the nameĀ  industrial revolution?

Answer is here: They wants high speed internet because they wants to earn more. This is simple answer but hey still there is lots behind this all propaganda. Elon musk’s AI based robotics cars future is also dependents on high speed internet, AI robotics field is gonna dependents on high speed internet so Alon musk will provide that to different AI robotics companies and make billions of dollars each years. Specially Elon musks another company called Neurolinks is also depends on High Speed internet services. (Neurolinks is building a chips which can be installed into human brain) so they can make future human slave of them and they can control the world with technologies they developing around the globe.

(Note: Here we must note that it don’t stopped here there is lot more to know about this all because this is all about the war of power. Mind control technologies. Mind Data downloading into hard disk and use that into robotics and much more connected with this all propoganda so we human of this planet must think that we must allow them to do all this or we must destroy them before they destroy us.)

SpaceX’s satellite internet’s wave won’t be harmful for people of the planet earth like 5G?

Answer: Offcourse any kinds of waves or microwaves into the atmosphere will effect the human body and mind so be prepared for new kinds of viruses and infections into your body.